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Weh'le map

Weh'le Map

Weh’le is a hidden coastal village located at the southern area of the Navori region of Ionia. It borders with Noxian controlled Navori.


Weh’le is a phantom port, a hidden coastal village, protected by the mystical properties of Ionia. Unlike Fae’lor, she doesn’t welcome outsiders, and you won’t find her on the maps. Should Weh’le appear at all, it is always on her own terms, daring people into doing very dumb things. Most approach from the sea, dreaming of riches, discovery or maybe just a new start, only to have their hopes dashed in an instant. First, the shoreline that once called to them vanishes behind a dense wall of cobalt fog crackling with arcane power. The sea rises and falls violently before unleashing torrents of crushing waves. As the survivors cling to their splintered vessel, the fog pulls back for the briefest of moments, allowing them one look at the flickering lanterns of Weh’le cruelly saying goodbye just before the water pulls them down to the bottom of the Breathless Bay.

Related Champions

  • Ahri OriginalSquare Ahri is part of the region's mythology and recently visited the town.
  • Akali OriginalSquare Akali is a frequent visitor to the village, where she gets additions to her impressive dragon tattoo - and assassinates betrayers of Ionia seeking to flee the archipelago.


Spirit Blossom Festival

Ionia Perennial


The Spirit Blossom Festival is an annual festival that happens all across Ionia to celebrate the blossoming of the Spirit Blossoms. Painters, musicians, calligraphers and other types of artists showcase their artistry to the public, especially children. When nightfall arrives and the Spirit Blossoms are at full bloom, the festival attendees gather at the nearest temple to release lanterns in the air while also giving respect to their fallen and deceased as well as wish for good fortunes. The festival also gives the chance for family members to communicate with their deceased loved ones. Assured that their living loved ones have moved on, the spirits are then able to finally move on to the afterlife. The war and bloodshed of the Noxian Invasion of Ionia had prevented the blossoming of the flowers, but eventually they have returned along with the festival. Some Noxians that live in or near the Noxian occupied areas of Ionia would also join in the festivity, though their presence is still met with some unease. Before the war, the infamous Jhin OriginalSquare Khada Jhin was finally captured at a Blossom Festival held in Jyom Pass in Zhyun province.


Akali, the Rogue Assassin - Login Screen

Akali, the Rogue Assassin - Login Screen

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