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  • During development he was simply called Wolfman.
  • He's named after the eponymous county town in England, meaning "abode by the weir".
    • However, his name is officially pronounced ['wɔɹ˞wɪk] whereas the place-name [ˈwɒɹɪk].
  • Warwick is displayed when typing 'Urf' in Champion Select (he killed and flayed the Manatee, occasionally wearing his carcass as a sort of morbid trophy). However, as of his current rework, recent origins behind the skin is unknown.
  • WarwickSquare Warwick ,VayneSquare Vayne and TrundleSquare Trundle are the only champions without damaging area-of-effect abilities
WarwickSquare old2 Warwick, the Blood Hunter

WarwickSquare Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun
  • Warwick's dance references Thriller by Michael Jackson.
  • Warwick out of several of the visually-upgraded and reworked champions, is one of the few to have a unique attacking animation solely for the Crescent active from Tiamat item Tiamat and Ravenous Hydra item Ravenous Hydra.


Warwick OriginalCircle old2 Warwick, the Blood Hunter
Warwick OriginalCircle Original Warwick
    "Eat SorakaSquare your heart out" references his previous backstory involving the Starchild.
    "Who's a good boy? I am!" resembles  
    Nasus InfernalCircle "Who's a good boy? I'm a good boy."
    "I'll do a trick for a Warwick snack!" references Scooby-Doo.
    "Heroes always die!" references Overwatch's Mercy, who formerly said "Heroes Never Die!".
Warwick HyenaCircle Hyena Warwick
    "Oh, what a day. What a bloody day!" plays on a quote from Mad Max: Fury Road (“Oh, what a day… What a lovely day!”)


Warwick OriginalCircle Original Warwick
  • He was heavily inspired by the Werewolf.
Warwick GreyCircle Grey Warwick
Chromaskins Chromas: Sapphire
Warwick FeralCircle Feral Warwick
Warwick BigBadCircle Big Bad Warwick
Warwick UrftheManateeCircle Urf the Manatee
Warwick TundraHunterCircle Tundra Hunter Warwick
Warwick FirefangCircle Firefang Warwick
Warwick HyenaCircle Hyena Warwick
Warwick MarauderCircle Marauder Warwick
Warwick UrftheManateeCircle Urfwick
Warwick LunarGuardianCircle Lunar Guardian Warwick
Chromaskins Chromas: Golden, Meteorite, Pearl, Ruby, Turquoise
Warwick PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Warwick
Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Meteorite, Obsidian, Reckoning, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise


WarwickSquare old2 Warwick, the Blood Hunter
  • Warwick and SingedSquare Singed are long-time friends. The Blood Hunter has more than likely supplied the Mad Chemist with a myriad of test subjects.
    • The potion SingedSquare Singed concocted for Warwick to become the beast might be derived from his very own Insanity Potion Insanity one.
      • One must wonder how he knows the final ingredient is the heart of a SorakaSquare Celestial being.
  • In his Eternal Thirst post-potion thirst, he killed and flayed UrfSquare Urf.
    • Warwick occasionally wears the Manatee's carcass as a sort of morbid trophy.

WarwickSquare Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun
  • Warwick is a former Zaun Crest icon Zaunite gangster who decided to abandon his former life to try and be a 'good man'. He was captured and experimented on by SingedSquare Singed, who pumped him full of chemicals containing spliced monster DNA in an attempt to transmute the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun into the 'beast' he was deep down inside. The experiments ended up killing him only to have him resurrect as a chimera resembling a wolfman with bat ears and a fox tail.
  • The chemicals being pumped into Warwick every time he smells Blood Hunt blood as well as SingedSquare Singed's experimentation have taken a heavy toll on his psyche. He remembers little of his former life, sometimes recalling hurting a little girl implied to be JinxSquare Jinx ("You were there", "Let me forget") and apparently knowing ViSquare Vi before she defected to Piltover Crest icon Piltover. ("Zaun needed you!")



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