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{{champion info|name = Volibear}}
{{Champion header|Volibear}}
'''Volibear, the Thunder's Roar''' is a [[champion]] in [[League of Legends]].<ref>[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/champion-sneak-peek-–-volibear-thunder’s-roar Champion Sneak Peek – Volibear, the Thunder’s Roar] at [[Leagueoflegends.com]]</ref>
{{Champion tabview}}
|name = Chosen of the Storm
|icon = ChosenoftheStorm.jpg
|description = When Volibear's health drops below 30% of his maximum health, he will heal for 30% of his maximum health over the next 6 seconds.
|name = Rolling Thunder
|icon = RollingThunder.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} For the next 4 seconds, Volibear will gain 15% movement speed. This bonus increases to 45% movement speed when headed toward a nearby visible enemy champion. Additionally, Volibear's next autoattack during this time will deal bonus physical damage and will fling the target behind him.
<!--*'''Bonus speed range:''' 1800 (estimate)-->
|leveling = {{lc|Bonus PhysicalDamage}} {{ap|30|60|90|120|150}}
{{lc|Fling distance}} 300
|name = Frenzy
|icon = Frenzy.jpg
|description = {{sbc|passive:}} Volibear temporarily gains bonus attack speed after an autoattack. This bonus stacks up to 3 times and lasts for 4 seconds.
{{sbc|Active:}} While Volibear has 3 stacks of Frenzy, he can activate this ability to bite a target enemy. The stacks won't be consumed. The bite will deal physical damage that scales with his own bonus health. This damage will in turn be increased by 1% for every 1% of the target's missing health.
|leveling = {{lc|Passive Attack Speed}} {{ability scaling| {{ap|8%|11%|14%|17%|20%}} per stack}}
{{lc|Max Attack Speed}} {{ap|24%|33%|42%|51%|60%}}
{{lc|Base PhysicalDamage}} {{ap|80|125|170|215|260}} {{ability scaling|(+ 15% of bonus health)}}
{{lc|Max PhysicalDamage}} {{ap|160|250|340|430|520}} {{ability scaling|(+ 30% of bonus health)}}
|name = Majestic Roar
|icon = MajesticRoar.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Volibear lets out a powerful roar that deals magic damage and slows nearby enemies for 2 seconds. Minions, monsters and pets are also feared for 3 seconds.
|leveling = {{lc|Magic Damage}} {{ap|60|105|150|195|240}} {{ability scaling|(+ 60% AP)}}
{{lc|Slow}} {{ap|30%|35%|40%|45%|50%}}
|name = Thunder Claws
|icon = ThunderClaws.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} For the next 12 seconds, Volibear's autoattacks will blast his target with lightning that will also bounce to up to 3 nearby enemies. Each bolt of lightning will deal magic damage and will only hit each target once.
|leveling = {{lc|Magic Damage Per Bolt}} {{ap|75|115|155}} {{ability scaling|(+ 30% AP)}}
{{lc|Bounce Range}} 300
* {{ai|Rolling Thunder|Volibear}} resets the autoattack timer and will apply the bonus damage on towers.
* {{ai|Rolling Thunder|Volibear}} can knock an enemy through very thin walls.
* {{ai|Rolling Thunder|Volibear}} will retain its movement speed buff for the full 4 second duration even if the fling is activated prior to the end of the buff.
* {{ai|Majestic Roar|Volibear}} will fear clones such as {{cai|Children of the Grave|Mordekaiser}} or {{cai|Hallucinate|Shaco}}.
* If {{ai|Chosen of the Storm|Volibear}} comes off of cooldown while Volibear is under 30% health, it will not trigger unless Volibear takes damage.
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the Thunder's Roar
Fighter icon Juggernaut
Secondary attributes:
Mana resource Mana | Melee role Melee | Rune shard Adaptive Force physical
BE icon 4800 | RP icon 880
Release Date:
2011-11-29 [1]
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  1. Volibear's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com
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