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Volibear OriginalSkin
Original Volibear View in 3D
RP icon 880 / 29-Nov-2011
Volibear ThunderLordSkin
Thunder Lord Volibear View in 3D
RP icon 520 / 29-Nov-2011
Volibear RuneguardSkin
Runeguard Volibear View in 3D
RP icon 975 / 29-Apr-2013
Volibear CaptainSkin
Captain Volibear View in 3D
RP icon 750 / 28-Nov-2014
Volibear ElRayoSkin
El Rayo Volibear View in 3D
RP icon 750 / 01-Jun-2016
Volibear ThousandPiercedBearSkin
The Thousand-Pierced Bear View in 3D
RP icon 975 / 28-May-2020

Legacy Vault

Volibear NorthernStormSkin
Northern Storm Volibear View in 3D
RP icon 750 / 29-Nov-2011



Champion Series Name Type Description
Volibear OriginalCircle Volibear1All You Can EatPRTTotal healing received from Frenzied Maul (W)
Volibear OriginalCircle Volibear1Legacy skin Bear BrakesWRDEnemy champions hit with Majestic Roar (E) while airborne
Volibear OriginalCircle Volibear1Drop, Stomp, and RollWAREnemy champions killed with Stormbringer (R)
Volibear OriginalCircle Volibear1Legacy skin MunchesWAREnemy champions killed with Frenzy (W)
Volibear OriginalCircle Volibear1Legacy skin Set Before SpikeEMPEnemy champions flung toward allies with Rolling Thunder (Q)
Volibear OriginalCircle Volibear1Thunder and LightningEMPEnemy champions damaged by Sky Splitter (E) while stunned by Thundering Smash (Q)


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