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Void Touched individuals appear in increasing presence near Void touched lands. These individuals have their nature changed by the void itself, voidborn, or by other void touched. Depending on the origin of their change, their abilities differ wildly: super human strength, super human speed, increased durability, heightened senses, energy dispersal, prescience, etc. Most show clear mutations and alterations to their physical forms.


Void Touched Champions

Other Related Champions


  • Although not officially stated or confirmed, with the release of Arcane, fans have speculated that Shimmer may have a connection with the Void and the voidborn, mainly due to the fact that the drug showcases visual elements and properties that are usually associated with the Void. This would imply that most shimmer users are some form of void touched.
  • The Void Bringer Illaoi Void Bringer Illaoi skin has visual similarities of a void touched individual.