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Vlonqo map

Vlonqo Map

Vlonqo is a remote mountain town in southern part of Shon-Xan region of Ionia.


Related Champions

  • Akali OriginalSquare Akali's tattoos were tattooed with ink made out of Vlonqo flower petals.
  • Rakan OriginalSquare Rakan performed at the Harvest Festival in Vlonqo; met Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah there.
  • Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah came to Vlonqo in search of a stolen vastayan artifact; met Rakan OriginalSquare Rakan there.


Vlonqo Flowers

Vlonqo Flowers are a type of flower endemic to the southern faces of the Vlonqo cliffs. Their enchanted flower petals along with Raikkon berries of Raikkon are used by tattoo artist of Weh'le as tattoo ink mixture.



Vlonqo is a town with a monastery and a Quinlon.[1]

  • Quinlons are the magical filters and damns scattered around Ionia that attempt to contain the amount of magic released into the region, or limit it to positive and helpful magic, which in turn affect the Vastayan livelihood due to their dependence on magic.[2] Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah has potentially destroyed Vlonqo's Quinlon during her mission here.

Harvest Festival

Most Ionian settlements have their own way of celibrating a harvest festival. In Vlonqo, musicians, singers and dancers perform in front of the townsfolk to give thanks for another year of bountiful harvest. Rakan OriginalSquare Rakan, a Lhotlan vastaya, sang old vastayan songs during one of Vlonqos harvest festivals.


Xayah & Rakan, the Rebel & the Charmer - Login Screen

Xayah & Rakan, the Rebel & the Charmer - Login Screen

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