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"Who is your god? What can your god do? Will he let you wither and die defending him? Or will he give you life and vitality like no mortal has ever known? Why serve a god who won't serve you?"
Elise Elise

Vilemaw is a giant, magical arachnoid being that resides in the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles' Twisted Treeline.


Related Champions

  • Elise Elise worships and aids Vilemaw.


Resembling a spider whose grotesque mass is furred and scabbed with wet, mutant growths. Adorned with venomous fangs and colossal legs used to heave its corrupt body. This unearthly horror is a monstrous creature that looms in the darkest pits beneath the Shadow Isles. The true origin of Vilemaw Vilemaw is completely unknown, save for the assumption that the voracious spider god is an otherworldly life-form not originally from the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles.[1]

It has great physical strength as well as magical, being able to transfigure willing humans willing humans into its servants. It uses its servants to gather fresh food.


  • The mythical spider god mentioned in Elise's Elise's lore is Vilemaw.[2]
    • She however also said that as well as Baron Nashor Baron Nashor, Vilemaw is supremely more powerful in the actual lore than in the game, far more powerful than any champion - or a lot of champions - alone, much like an actual god.
    • Vilemaw is based on mythological spider gods, like the Akan's Anansi, Lakota's Iktomi, Nordic Loptr "lofty one = flea > spider" Loki's epithet, etc.
    • Despite being perceived as male, Vilemaw's body plan is peculiarly feminine, with robust abdomen & his two foremost front-limbs lacking the masculine palpal bulb to inseminate females.