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Centuries ago, a group of Vesani traveled from Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia to the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles to research the Hallowed Mist. The residents of the island allowed them to stay and aided them in constructing their vault. The Vesani conducted experiments on the effect the Hallowed Mist had on memories and were able to harness it's energy to power golems. When the Ruination happened, the Vesani on the island were wiped from existence, only remaining as memories within their sunstones. Currently Ahri, the last known Vesani, travels the world to learn more about her people.


The Vesani are a land dwelling form of a sentient species known as the Vastaya. They resemble a mix between Humans and foxes, having attributes including furry trails, claws, and a pair of fox-like ears. Their nine tails can be grouped together to appear as only one tail. They have wisker-like markings on their cheeks.

If not properly trained to control their hunger, a Vesani is able to completely absorb a person's life energy leaving them as drained husks.


Being Vastaya, they have deep magical connections to the world around them and are highly sensitive to its magical fluctuations. The Vesani have the unique ability to manipulate emotions and memories. Ymelo, a legendary Vesani crafter, created the sunstones for the Vesani to store their memories and harness their power. The Vesani wanted to improve the world and have conducted research into using memories to create power. They are also a nomadic tribe, traveling from land to land.




Echoes of Longing

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