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Void Void
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Sorcerer Sorcerer
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Patch History

V10.12 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3 mid-set update.
  • Ability damage increased to 450 / 600 / 2000 from 425 / 550 / 2000.
  • Ability duration reduced to 2 seconds from 2.5.
  • Targeting improved on smaller group of enemies.
  • Maximum mana reduced to 70 from 80.
V10.6 - Added
  • Original Vel'Koz Original Vel'Koz
    • Tier 4 Void Void Sorcerer Sorcerer.
    • Life Form Disintegration Ray.png Active - Lifeform Disintegration Ray: Channels a 4-hex ray of energy that sweeps across the battlefield in a 60° cone, in 1400 range with 200 width range over 2.5 seconds, dealing 425 / 550 / 2000 magic damage each second with each tick of damage occurring every 0.25 seconds to enemies hit.
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