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Vekaura is a city located in southern Shurima. A city built on the confluence of Mother of Life and Kahleek rivers. It was recently decimated by Xerath Xerath during the events of Bloodline.


After the fall of Ancient Shurima, the Mother of Life river dried up and the city was half abandoned and buried in the sands of Sai Kahleek. Reduced to a tribal camp built on the ruins of the abandoned city, it was a meeting place for weary travelers and wandering nomads. With resurrection of Azir Azir, the Mother of Life river flowed once more, and the city was being repopulated until the events of Bloodline. While Xerath Xerath decimated the city, most of its inhabitants were able to escape his wrath.

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  • Sun Disc Replica: The prize of the city is the ornate, non-magical, replica of the Sun Disc, built to honor Shurima's fallen and as a statement of hope that the sun might one day bless them again. A sun temple built of chiseled sandstone and bare rock. Raised by human hands to human scale. The walls were black and gleamed like basalt, though uneven joints could be seen between panels where they had been fixed to the rough stone beneath. A sun disc gleamed atop the temple, but it was not fashioned from gold, but wrought from alloyed bronze and copper. It did not float, instead, braided ropes tied to asymmetrical pillars on either side of the disc held it aloft.



In Ancient times, Stepped gardens and flowers brought from every corner of the empire garlanded its structures in vivid colors and wondrous scents. Its towers gleamed with silver and jade, and cool water flowed from the great temple, running along great aqueducts in the naive belief its bounty would never end.

The passing millennia had worn the city down to its exposed skeleton of stone, its once magnificent structures reduced to ruins. Those ruins had been built upon over the last few centuries by those who still clung to the old ways, believing their future might be saved by revering the past.

Buildings planned by master craftsmen were now crooked parodies of their former glory. Walls once fashioned from square-cut granite were built over in timber and crudely shaped blocks. However, the city's original outline were retained.



Name Description
Azrahir Thelamu Former ruler of Vekaura, before the events of Bloodline; Scion of the Hawk Emperor, First Voice of Vekaura, the Illuminated One, He Who Walks in Light, Keeper of the Sacred Fire, Bringer of the Dawn; Falsely claimed to be the descendant of Azir Azir


  • Many of the cities oldest buildings were constructed by craftsmen who came from Icathia after its fall.


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