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{{C-top}}{{champion info|name = Shauna Vayne}}
{{Champion header|Vayne}}
'''Vayne, the Night Hunter''' is a [[champion]] in [[League of Legends]].<ref>[http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=721896 A New Champion Approaches: Vayne, the Night Hunter] at [[Leagueoflegends.com]]</ref>
{{Champion tabview}}
|name=Night Hunt
|description=Vayne gains 30 movement speed when moving towards a visible enemy champion.
[[Category:Champion without ability power ratio]]
|description={{sbc|Active:}} Vayne quickly rolls toward the cursor. For 6 seconds, Vayne's next basic attack's damage is increased by a percentage. This enhanced attack does not trigger against structures.
|leveling={{lc|Damage increase}} {{ap|30%|35%|40%|45%|50%}}
|name=Silver Bolts
|description={{sbc|Passive:}} Consecutive attacks and abilities mark Vayne's target with silver rings. The third consecutive attack or spell against the same target will consume the rings, dealing true damage (capped at 200 against minions and monsters). The rings are removed if Vayne attacks a different target or doesn't attack for 3 seconds.
|leveling={{lc|True damage}} {{ap|20|30|40|50|60}} {{ability scaling|(+ {{ap|4%|5%|6%|7%|8%}} target's maximum health)}}
|description={{sbc|Active:}} Vayne fires a projectile at target unit, damaging and knocking the target back 470 units. If the target is knocked into a wall, the target takes the same damage again and is stunned for 1.5 seconds. Condemn also applies Silver Bolts.
|leveling={{lc|Physical damage}} {{ap|45|80|115|150|185}} {{ability scaling|(+ 50% bonus AD)}}
{{lc|Maximum physical damage}} {{ap|90|160|230|300|370}} {{ability scaling|(+ 100% bonus AD)}}
|name=Final Hour
|description={{sbc|Active:}} Vayne temporarily gains attack damage and triples the effect of Night Hunter. Using Tumble while Final Hour is active stealths Vayne for 1 second.
|leveling={{lc|Duration}} {{ap|8|10|12}}
{{lc|Bonus attack damage}} {{ap|25|40|55}}
[[Category:2011 release]]
[[Category:Season One release]]
[[Category:Season One release]]
[[Category:Released Champion]]
[[Category:Dash champion]]
[[Category:Haste champion]]
[[Category:Knockback champion]]
[[Category:Stealth champion]]
[[Category:Stun champion]]

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the Night Hunter
Marksman icon Marksman
Secondary attributes:
Mana resource Mana | Ranged role Ranged | Rune shard Adaptive Force physical
BE icon 4800 | RP icon 880
Release Date:
2011-05-10 [1]
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  1. Vayne's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com
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