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The Vastayashai'rei are an ancient, presumably extinct, species that originated from enlightened mortals that took the power of the spirit realm into themselves.


Related Champions

  • Master Yi Master Yi, like many Wuju warriors before him, interacted through a vision with a vastayashai'rei spirit.


The powers they gained from tapping into the spirit realm granted them near immortality, potent shapeshifting powers and the ability to use the natural world as a weapon in order to fight a species of Titans from the sky that threatens Ionia Crest icon.png The First Lands. It is unknown what happened to them after ancient times. Each of the vastayan tribe originates from an individual vastayashai'rei that had offspring with non-vastayashai'rei such as humans.


The effects of the vastayashai'rei mark upon the world can be seen all across Ionia, from ancient battlegrounds littered with swords, to the titanic 'statues' scattered all across the archipelago.

Some Vastayan tribal names originate from those who have defeated the titans such as noble Kiila (Kiilash), dutiful Chyr (Chyra), cunning Lhotl (Lhotlan).


  • Neeko Neeko is not a Vastayashai’rei, but she is closer to it than most of the other vastaya. The Oovi-Kat tribe splintered off from the vastaya tribes very early and have largely lived in isolation, so their magic is more pure and ancient than other vastaya. There is very, very little human blood in Neeko’s lineage. It is revealed that Neeko being a Vastayashai'rei was a mistake in the script.[1] [2]
  • Meditate.png Wuju style draws power from the spirit realm. That’s also how the Vastayashai’rei changed their shapes, and manipulated the elements. The only difference is in the degree of power used.

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