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Shurima The Valley Of The Song

Valley Of Song

Valley of Song is a valley of unique rock formations in southern Shurima.


Valley of Song map

Valley of Song Map

This remote pass takes its name from the disorienting whistling that results when the wind blows hard enough through the hollow rock structures. Many unwary travelers have found themselves at the mercy of the deafened marauders who prowl the valley by night.



  • A Raider
  • A Shakkal Raider

The raiders of Shurima survive not through trade, but through violence. These bands of marauders often attempt to blend into the environment in order to lure unsuspecting travelers into traps before killing them, taking their belongings, and (in very rare cases) eating them.

  • Shakkal Raiders: These nomadic raiders are known for their agility, using hardened bone-braces and polearms to vault towards their victims at terrifying speeds.


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