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For the League of Legends icon League of Legends patch, see V10.6.

Teamfight Tactics V10.6

Little Legends

  • Series Seven Egg added.
    • Abyssia, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Squink, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Starmaw, its base egg and 5 variants added.


Galaxies Pass
  • You will now see the current pass and your progression towards rewards.
  • You can also Galaxies Pass+ to access premium content and receive the UFO Sprite at any time. Rewards are granted retroactively if you've passed levels already.
  • All rewards in the pass are now browseable and have descriptions.
  • Level and XP tracker is specified on the left-hand side.
  • TFT missions can be easily accessed by clicking the button in the top right corner. This will also showcase the number of available Missions.
  • New weekly missions to gain XP towards the pass.
  • The Orb is gone. In addition to missions you'll also be rewarded XP for just playing games.
  • This is also where you will claim rewards from the pass.
  • You will now see the time remaining for the event.
  • There's now a new content line-up at the bottom of the hub, you'll see things like news, patch notes, dev thoughts, purchasable Arenas, Little Legends, and Booms.
  • The new Booms can now be selected within the parties screen.
  • The loadouts screen has been updated to support them as well.
  • In the lobby you'll be able to track TFT related missions that will give XP towards your pass by opening the button to the right of their player card.
  • The Galaxies' ranked season will start immediately with the launch of this patch.
  • There is no longer any rank decay below Master.
  • You also cannot decay out of Master.


Boom - New Cosmetic
  • Modify the damage particles of your Little Legend and units. They come in three tiers of increasing impact and style:
    • Default
    • Cosmic Tracer
    • Hydroblast
    • Nova Bomb
    • Zap Bolt
Interface Updates
  • Undocumented: Trait Highlight: When hovering over a Trait in the Trait Tracker, the units of that Trait on Battlefield and Bench will be highlighted.
  • Undocumented: Damage Types: Now displays additional damage types: physical damage, magic damage, true damage, in addition to total damage.
  • First carousel only has Tier 1 units instead of Tier 2.
  • Carousels now have many more possible combinations of items.
  • Spatula item Spatula can now appear on the carousel again, but much less often than before.
  • Full items can show up earlier than the fifth carousel.
  • Components can show up in the sixth carousel and beyond.
  • Many new carousel arrangements have been added.
  • Champions can no longer be sold during the carousel stage.
  • All champion movement speed increased to 550 from 500.
  • Champions now move more smoothly from hex to hex when walking.
  • Melee champions now move slightly earlier at the start of combat than ranged champions.
  • If a champion is in the attack range of their target, and the target moves out of range, the attacker will now only chase their target for 1 hex before switching to the closest enemy.
  • Bug Fix: Champions are now once again larger at 3 star compared to 2 star.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed long-standing issues around units with high attack speed sometimes having their basic attacks visually disappear mid-flight.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where large attack speed increases during combat could cause units to visually desync their animations from their actual attack speed.
Champion drop rate
  • Level 3 Little Legend unit drop rate (by tier) changed to 70 / 30 / 0 / 0 / 0% from 70 / 25 / 5 / 0 / 0%.
  • Level 5 Little Legend unit drop rate (by tier) changed to 35 / 40 / 20 / 5 / 0% from 30 / 35 / 25 / 5 / 0%.
  • Level 6 Little Legend unit drop rate (by tier) changed to 20 / 35 / 35 / 10 / 0% from 25 / 35 / 30 / 10 / 0%.
  • Level 7 Little Legend unit drop rate (by tier) changed to 14 / 30 / 40 / 15 / 1% from 20 / 30 / 33 / 15 / 2%.
  • Level 8 Little Legend unit drop rate (by tier) changed to 10 / 25 / 35 / 25 / 5% from 15 / 20 / 35 / 24 / 6%.
  • Mana gain from attacking (by star level) changed to 10 at all Star-levels from 8 / 10 / 12.
  • Champions now use their mana later in the spell cast.
  • Every champion now has an AP scaler on their abilities. Ability power icon AP can scale things other than damage / healing / shielding.
  • Disarm icon Disarm no longer prevents spell casts or movement. Only basic attacks.
Elemental Hexes
  • Removed from the game.
Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds
  • Healing reduction reduced to 50% from 80%.
Income and Loot
  • Passive income (by stage) changed to 2 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 5 / ... from 3 / 5 / 4 / 5 / 5 / ...
  • Gold and champions medium boxes can't drop in the first two PVE rounds.
  • Shapesplitter Neeko's Help is ~35% less likely to drop from all boxes.
  • Increased Spatula item Spatula drop rate from Gold Boxes.
  • Champions are now more likely than just pure gold from all the levels of bonus boxes.
Item combine rules
  • Item combine rules: When units combine, items are placed on the combined unit in this priority:
    1. Thief's Gloves item Thief's Gloves
    2. Random full items
    3. Random components.
  • 5 seconds have been added to each planning phase for first patch learning as people ramp up. These will be removed in Patch 10.7.
Player Damage
  • Base damage per stage increased to 0 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 from 0 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7.
  • Additional damage per surviving champion is now +1 damage, no matter the cost or star level of the champion. Previous system:
    • 1 Star (by tier): 1 / 1 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 3.
    • 2 Star (by tier): 2 / 2 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 4.
    • 3 Star (by tier): 3 / 3 / 3 / 5 / 8 / 8.
Shop Cards
  • Shop cards art style has changed to closer match the in game model.
  • Streak gold changed to 2(1g), 3(2g), 4+(3g) from 2-3(1g), 4-6(2g), 7+(3g).
  • Streak gold is now paid during PVE rounds.


For the champion changes, see the respective champion page.


Alchemist TFT icon Alchemist - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Assassin TFT icon Assassin - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Avatar TFT icon Avatar - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Berserker TFT icon Berserker - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Blademaster TFT icon Blademaster - Returning
  • Chance to trigger additional attacks changed to 30 / 55% (based on the number of Blademasters) from 40% at all Blademaster synergies.
  • Additional strikes changed to 2 at all Blademaster synergies from 1 / 2 / 3 (based on the number of Blademasters).
  • Champions:Fiora PROJECTSquare Fiora,Irelia PROJECTSquare Irelia,Kayle AetherWingSquare Kayle,Master Yi ChosenSquare Master Yi,Shen PulsefireSquare Shen,Xayah CosmicDuskSquare Xayah,Yasuo OdysseySquare Yasuo.
  • Item: Blade of the Ruined King item Blade of the Ruined King.
Blaster TFT icon Blaster - New Class
  • Synergy: Every fourth attacks from Blaster fire additional shots at random enemies. These shots deal damage like basic attacks and apply on-hit effects.
    • 2 Blasters: 3 additional attacks.
    • 4 Blasters: 6 additional attacks.
  • Champions:Ezreal PulsefireSquare Ezreal,Graves JailbreakTFTSquare Graves,Jinx OdysseySquare Jinx,Lucian PROJECTSquare Lucian,Miss Fortune GunGoddessSquare Miss Fortune.
Brawler TFT icon Brawler - Returning
  • Bonus health changed to 300 / 750 (based on the number of Brawlers) from 250 / 500 / 900 (based on the number of Brawlers).
  • Champions:Blitzcrank iBlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank,Cho'Gath OriginalSquare Cho'Gath,Malphite OdysseySquare Malphite,Vi PROJECTSquare Vi.
Celestial TFT icon Celestial - New Origin
  • Synergy: All allies heal based on damage dealt with spells and attacks.
    • 2 Celestials: 15% of damage dealt
    • 4 Celestials: 30% of damage dealt
    • 6 Celestials: 60% of damage dealt
  • Champions:Ashe CosmicQueenSquare Ashe,Kassadin CosmicReaverSquare Kassadin,Lulu CosmicEnchantressSquare Lulu,Rakan CosmicDawnSquare Rakan,Xayah CosmicDuskSquare Xayah,Xin Zhao CosmicDefenderSquare Xin Zhao.
  • Item: Celestial Orb TFT item Celestial Orb.
Chrono TFT icon Chrono - New Origin
Cloud TFT icon Cloud - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Crystal TFT icon Crystal - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Cybernetic TFT icon Cybernetic - New Origin
  • Synergy: Cybernetics with at least one item gain bonus health and bonus attack damage.
    • 3 Cybernetics: 350 health and 35 AD
    • 6 Cybernetics: 800 health and 80 AD
  • Champions:Ekko PROJECTSquare Ekko,Fiora PROJECTSquare Fiora,Irelia PROJECTSquare Irelia,Leona PROJECTSquare Leona,Lucian PROJECTSquare Lucian,Vi PROJECTSquare Vi.
Dark Star TFT icon Dark Star - New Origin
  • Synergy: When a Dark Star unit dies, it gives increased damage and previous stacks of this effect to the nearest ally Dark Star.
    • 3 Dark Stars: 50% increased damage
    • 6 Dark Stars: 80% increased damage
  • Champions:Jarvan IV DarkStarSquare Jarvan IV,Jhin DarkCosmicSquare Jhin,Karma DarkStarSquare Karma,Lux DarkCosmicSquare Lux,Mordekaiser DarkStarSquare Mordekaiser,Shaco DarkStarSquare Shaco.
  • Item: Dark Star's Heart TFT item Dark Star's Heart.
Demolitionist TFT icon Demolitionist - New Class
Desert TFT icon Desert - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Druid TFT icon Druid - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Electric TFT icon Electric - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Glacial TFT icon Glacial - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Inferno TFT icon Inferno - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Infiltrator TFT icon Infiltrator - New Class
  • Innate: At the start of combat, Infiltrators jump to the back of enemy backline.
  • Synergy: Infiltrators gain bonus attack speed for 6 seconds at the start of combat.
    • 2 Infiltrators: 50% attack speed
    • 4 Infiltrators: 80% attack speed, refreshed on takedown
  • Champions:Ekko PROJECTSquare Ekko,Fizz SuperGalaxySquare Fizz,Kai'Sa BulletAngelSquare Kai'Sa,Kha'Zix OriginalSquare Kha'Zix,Shaco DarkStarSquare Shaco.
  • Item: Infiltrator's Talons TFT item Infiltrator's Talons.
Light TFT icon Light - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Lunar TFT icon Lunar - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Mage TFT icon Mage - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Mana-Reaver TFT icon Mana-Reaver - New Class
  • Synergy: Mana-Reaver's attacks increase the cost of their target's next spell cast by 40%.
    • 2 Mana-Reavers: First attack.
    • 4 Mana-Reavers: All attacks.
  • Champions:Darius DreadnovaSquare Darius,Irelia PROJECTSquare Irelia,Kassadin CosmicReaverSquare Kassadin,Thresh PulsefireSquare Thresh.
Mech-Pilot TFT icon Mech-Pilot - New Origin
  • Synergy: While at least 3 Mech-Pilots are in play, at the start of combat, three random Mech-Pilots are merged into a Super Mech until it dies. The Super Mech has the combined health, attack damage, and Traits of its Pilots, as well as 3 random items from among them. When the Super Mech dies the Pilots are ejected, granted 25 mana, and continue to fight.
    • Super-Mech stats:
      • Health: Health combined of the Super-Mech's Pilots.
      • Attack damage: AD combined of the Super-Mech's Pilots.
      • Attack speed: 0.8.
      • Attack range: 1.
      • Armor: 30.
      • Magic resistance: 20.
    • Super-Mech abilities: The Super-Mech has a passive effects and an active ability. It has 0 starting mana and 225 maximum mana.
      • Passive - Cleave: The Super-Mech's attacks cleave the area in front of him.
      • Demacian Justice Active - Mecha Justice: The Super-Mech calls down a devastating blast at his target's location, dealing 400 − 5000 (based on combined Star levels) magic damage to his target and 200 − 5000 (based on combined Star levels) magic damage to all other nearby enemies.
  • Champions:Annie SuperGalaxySquare Annie,Fizz SuperGalaxySquare Fizz,Rumble SuperGalaxySquare Rumble.
Mercenary TFT icon Mercenary - New Class
  • Synergy: While a Mercenary is in play or on the Bench, players will have the opportunity to access the Gold 8 Spell Upgrades pool of their Mercenary, each upgrades only appears once purchased. Each Mercenary type can be upgraded up to 3 times. Selling Mercenary units does not revert to Spell Upgrades later.
  • Champions:Gangplank DreadnovaSquare Gangplank,Miss Fortune GunGoddessSquare Miss Fortune.
Mountain TFT icon Mountain - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Mystic TFT icon Mystic - Returning
  • Magic resistance reduced to 30 / 120 (based on the number of Mystics) from 40 / 120.
  • Champions:Karma DarkStarSquare Karma,Lulu CosmicEnchantressSquare Lulu,Sona OdysseySquare Sona,Soraka StarGuardianSquare Soraka.
Ocean TFT icon Ocean - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Poison TFT icon Poison - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Predator TFT icon Predator - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Protector TFT icon Protector - New Class
  • Synergy: Protectors gain a shield based on their health for 4 seconds whenever they cast a spell. The shield doesn't stack.
    • 2 Protectors: 20% maximum health shield
    • 4 Protectors: 30% maximum health shield
  • Champions:Jarvan IV DarkStarSquare Jarvan IV,Neeko StarGuardianSquare Neeko,Rakan CosmicDawnSquare Rakan,Xin Zhao CosmicDefenderSquare Xin Zhao.
  • Item: Protector's Chestguard TFT item Protector's Chestguard.
Ranger TFT icon Ranger - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Rebel TFT icon Rebel - New Origin
  • Synergy: At the start of combat, Rebels gain a shield and bonus damage for each adjacent Rebel. The shield lasts for 8 seconds.
    • 3 Rebels: 150 shield and 10% damage
    • 6 Rebels: 225 shield and 12% damage
  • Champions:Aurelion Sol MechaSquare Aurelion Sol,Jinx OdysseySquare Jinx,Malphite OdysseySquare Malphite,Master Yi ChosenSquare Master Yi,Sona OdysseySquare Sona,Yasuo OdysseySquare Yasuo,Ziggs OdysseySquare Ziggs.
  • Item: Rebel Medal TFT item Rebel Medal.
Shadow TFT icon Shadow - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Sniper TFT icon Sniper - New Class
  • Synergy: While at least 2 Snipers are in play, Snipers deal 12% increased damage for each hex of distance between themselves and their target.
  • Champions:Ashe CosmicQueenSquare Ashe,Caitlyn PulsefireSquare Caitlyn,Jhin DarkCosmicSquare Jhin.
Sorcerer TFT icon Sorcerer - Returning
  • Bonus ability power changed to 20 / 40 / 80 (based on the number of Sorcerers) from 40 / 120 / 200.
  • Removed: Sorcerers' basic attacks no longer grant twice as much mana.
  • You and Me! Yuumi is no longer available.
  • Champions:Ahri StarGuardianSquare Ahri,Annie SuperGalaxySquare Annie,Lux DarkCosmicSquare Lux,Syndra StarGuardianSquare Syndra,Twisted Fate PulsefireSquare Twisted Fate,Vel'Koz OriginalSquare Vel'Koz,Zoe StarGuardianSquare Zoe.
Soulbound TFT icon Soulbound - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Space Pirate TFT icon Space Pirate - New Origin
  • Synergy: Whenever a Space Pirate lands a killing blow on a champion there is a chance to drop extra loot.
    • 2 Space Pirates: 50% for Gold 1
    • 4 Space Pirates: 50% for Gold 1 and 15% for a component item.
  • Champions:Darius DreadnovaSquare Darius,Gangplank DreadnovaSquare Gangplank,Graves JailbreakTFTSquare Graves,Jayce ForsakenSquare Jayce.
Star Guardian TFT icon Star Guardian - New Origin
  • Synergy: Whenever a Star Guardian casts a spell, an amount of mana is evenly distributed among all other Star Guardian.
    • 3 Star Guardians: 30 mana
    • 6 Star Guardians: 60 mana
  • Champions:Ahri StarGuardianSquare Ahri,Neeko StarGuardianSquare Neeko,Poppy StarGuardianSquare Poppy,Soraka StarGuardianSquare Soraka,Syndra StarGuardianSquare Syndra,Zoe StarGuardianSquare Zoe.
  • Items: New Horizon profileicon Star Guardian's Charm.
Starship TFT icon Starship - New Class
  • Synergy: Starships gain 20 mana per second, continuously manueuver around the board, and are immune to movement impairing effects, but can't basic attack.
  • Champions:Aurelion Sol MechaSquare Aurelion Sol.
Steel TFT icon Steel - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Summoner TFT icon Summoner - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Valkyrie TFT icon Valkyrie - New Origin
  • Synergy: While at least 2 Valkyries units are in play, Valkyrie attacks and spells always critically hit targets below 50% health.
  • Champions:Kai'Sa BulletAngelSquare Kai'Sa,Kayle AetherWingSquare Kayle,Miss Fortune GunGoddessSquare Miss Fortune.
Vanguard TFT icon Vanguard - New Class
Void TFT icon Void - Returning
  • New Effect: While at least 3 Void units are in play, basic attacks and Special Abilities from Void units deal true damage.
  • Old Effect: Basic attacks and Special Abilities from select Void units deal true damage.
    • 2 Voids: A random void unit.
    • 4 Voids: All Void units.
  • Champions:Cho'Gath OriginalSquare Cho'Gath,Kha'Zix OriginalSquare Kha'Zix,Vel'Koz OriginalSquare Vel'Koz.
Warden TFT icon Warden - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Woodland TFT icon Woodland - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.


Black Cleaver item Berserker's Axe - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
B. F. Sword item B. F. Sword
Blade of the Ruined King item Blade of the Ruined King
Bloodthirster item Bloodthirster
  • Life steal reduced to 35% from 50%.
Bramble Vest TFT item Bramble Vest
  • Cooldown increased to 2.5 seconds from 2.
Celestial Orb TFT item Celestial Orb - New item
Chain Vest item Chain Vest
Chalice of Favor TFT item Chalice of Favor - New item
  • Replaces Hush item Hush.
  • Stats: 20 starting mana and 25 magic resistance.
  • Passive: When the wearer casts a spell, restores 10 mana to allies within 2 hexes.
  • Recipe: Tear of the Goddess item Tear of the Goddess + Negatron Cloak item Negatron Cloak.
Dark Star's Heart TFT item Dark Star's Heart - New item
Deathblade item Deathblade
  • Starting stacks increased to 2 from 1. Starting attack damage increased to 30 from 15.
Satchel Charge Demolitionist's Charge - New item
Frozen Mallet item Frozen Mallet - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Giant's Belt item Giant's Belt
Giant Slayer item Giant Slayer
  • Bonus on-hit damage increased to 12% of target's current health from 9%.
Guardian Angel item Guardian Angel
  • Bug Fix: No longer prevents champions from switching targets.
Hextech Gunblade item Hextech Gunblade
  • Healing reduced to 25% from 33%.
Hush item Hush - Removed
Iceborn Gauntlet TFT item Iceborn Gauntlet - Removed
Bami's Cinder item Inferno's Cinder - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Infiltrator's Talons TFT item Infiltrator's Talons - New item
Ionic Spark item Ionic Spark
  • New Effect: Now also passively reduces the magic resistance of enemies within 2 hexes by 50% (does not stack).
  • Range reduced to 2 from 3.
Wooglet's Witchcap item Mage's Cap - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Morellonomicon item Morellonomicon
  • Target's health ratio increased to 3% of target's maximum health from 1.8%.
Needlessly Large Rod item Needlessly Large Rod
Negatron Cloak item Negatron Cloak
Protector's Chestguard TFT item Protector's Chestguard - New item
Quicksilver item Quicksilver
  • New Effect: Now only immune to crowd control for the first 15 seconds of combat, instead of permanently.
Rabadon's Deathcap item Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Passive bonus ability power reduced to 50% from 75%.
Rebel Medal TFT item Rebel Medal - New item
Recurve Bow item Recurve Bow
Red BramblebackSquare Red Buff
  • Target's health ratio increased to 3% of target's maximum health from 1.8%.
Redemption item Redemption
  • New Effect: Now triggers when upon death, rather than reaching 30% of maximum health.
  • Heal reduced to 800 from 1200.
  • Healing area changed to whole ally team from 3-hex radius area.
Runaan's Hurricane item Runaan's Hurricane
  • Bolt AD ratio increased to 70% AD from 60% AD.
Shroud of Stillness TFT item Shroud of Stillness - New item
  • Replaces Iceborn Gauntlet TFT item Iceborn Gauntlet.
  • Stats: 25 armor and 20% dodge chance.
  • Passive: When combat begins, shoots a beam straight ahead that delays affected enemies' first spellcast, increasing their maximum mana by 40% until they cast.
  • Recipe: Sparring Gloves item Sparring Gloves + Chain Vest item Chain Vest.
Sparring Gloves item Sparring Gloves
Spatula item Spatula
New Horizon profileicon Star Guardian's Charm - New item
Statikk Shiv item Statikk Shiv
  • Damage reduced to 75 from 85.
Talisman of Ascension item Talisman of Light - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Tear of the Goddess item Tear of the Goddess
Titanic Hydra item Titanic Hydra - Removed
Warden's Mail item Warden's Mail - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Warmog's Armor item Warmog's Armor
  • Health regeneration reduced to 4% of missing health from 6%.
  • Maximum health per tick reduced to 150 from 400.
Youmuu's Ghostblade item Youmuu's Ghostblade - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 3.
Zeke's Herald item Zeke's Herald
  • Attack speed aura increased to 18% from 15%.
Zephyr item Zephyr
  • Banish duration reduced to 5 seconds from 6.
Zz'Rot Portal item Zz'Rot Portal - New item
  • Replaces Titanic Hydra item Titanic Hydra.
  • Stats: 15% attack speed and 200 health.
  • Passive: When the wearer dies, a Construct with 1000 / 2000 / 3000 (based on Star level) health aries to continue the fight.
  • Recipe: Recurve Bow item Recurve Bow + Giant's Belt item Giant's Belt.


  • Removed: Red Siege MinionSquare melee minions, ranged minions, Ancient KrugSquare Krugs, Murk WolfSquare Wolves, Crimson RaptorSquare Raptors, DragonSquare Elemental Dragons, Elder DragonSquare Elder Dragon
  • Added: CyteSquare Cytes, Odyssey Kayn profileicon Kayn, TerrabursterSquare Terrabursters, AnchortailSquare Anchortails, SkitterbeakSquare Arcraptors, Skitterbeaks.


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