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  • Animation speed increases:
  • New installs of LoR now have a smaller initial size so new players can start playing faster—post-tutorial game content will download as you play through tutorials, instead of all before.

Bug Fixes

  • Purchasing cards with Shard Shards or wildcards now correctly updates your displayed total remaining.
  • Fixed an issue where players weren't correctly receiving cards after purchasing them with wildcards.
  • Various fixes for minor social panel issues (delays, unresolvable notifications, etc.)
  • LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png3 Used Cask Salesman now shows in Expeditions archetypes.
  • LoR Champion Indicator.png6Anivia now correctly appears in two Expeditions archetypes, rather than three.
  • Reduced volume on LoR Spell Non-Slow Indicator.png4 The Box and LoR Spell Non-Slow Indicator.png4 Thresh's The Box.
  • T-Hex leg rotation fixed in celebration animation.
  • Improved resolution on T-Hex and Poro Collection images.