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Uwendale is a remote farming town in the northeastern Rocky Highlands of Demacia. It was the birthplace of Quinn Quinn and her brother Caleb.


It is a thriving town of hunters and farmers, protected by mountain rangers expert in intercepting and killing any monsters that come down from the high peaks to hunt. The nearby towns harbor wyverns, rabid wolves, and bandits, though these foes were once thwarted by an unknown hero unknown hero.

Champions of Uwendale

Other Related Champions

  • Poppy Poppy is venerated as "The Slayer" in Uwendale.



Wyverns are members of the dragon family that are often mistaken for their cousins cousins due to their similar appearances. The distinguishing features of a wyvern is that it only has two legs and one pair of wings as opposed to the four-legged dragons. They are often spotted attacking the Demacian countryside and are a frequent threat to villagers.


The Festival of the Slayer

A celebration to honor a monster hunter monster hunter who saved numerous Demacian farms and villages from wyverns, rabid wolves, and bandits. Although this revered warrior had chosen to remain anonymous, that didn't stop the villagers from celebrating "his" deeds. This slayer had been spotted near the town of Uwendale, leaving the first eyewitness accounts of "his" appearance. To commemorate the hero's bravery a stone statue was erected in "his" honor.


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