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  • Zeowolf0

    I'm back after a really long break. I could've rant about so many things, but I choose this one. Division V.

    So I recently moved up a League, woot, but still in "hell" though. I recently found out that the Leagues aren't really hell, it seems the Division is. I moved up and now in Division V of course, and dam, those people are worst then people in the previous league of Division I. I mean really, in the last division no one raged when we were behind, but in this division there were so many rage, so many blames, jeez, it was hell. And there are so many "veterns" there which is a little sad that they played so many game in a hell of a division, and can't move up.

    I was ranking with my friend, and strangely no one banned Amumu, luckily we got …

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  • Zeowolf0

    Wolf's Rant - EZ

    April 22, 2013 by Zeowolf0

    I tend to rant alot huh? Well venting is always a good thing.

    Anyways so I was having game, and we comepletely got stomped, 16 to like 40 something, it was that bad. And I'll admit we got outplayed, no other deciding facters, but one thing that drives me nuts, is after, that comment "EZ". In the game afterwards, after all the "gg"s their jungler (who wasn't the deciding factor, that was their top, that I sadly failed against aka fed) said "EZ".

    I'm usually find with that comment, but the one thing that urks me is when a person with higher skills saids that to lower skilled opponents. I mean when you're that good, you don't need to flant it. It's more them being a d*ck*ss then them trying to teach you something. Alot of new people play this g…

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  • Zeowolf0

    So I was playing a game. Our mid gets ganked and our jungler was able to counter gank. Both sides took a lot of damage, our jungler died, their mid died. It was just their jungler and our mid. Our mid got beat pretty bad but before their jungler could deliver the final blow he d/cs. Our mid escaping. Still d/ced our mid comes back to lane and kills the jungler, it didn't announce that he d/ced so he was still in lane smacking minions.

    My little rant today is, that at the end of the game, they called our mid, "scumbags", etc.

    What I was pissed at is that it's fair game (in my eyes) and they would've done the excat same thing. During that same game, I was d/ced for the first 5-6 mins, and as adc that isn't good. That didn't stop their adc or s…

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  • Zeowolf0

    Sooo... how long has it been since I made one of these? Hmmm... maybe a month?... or two... ? Well, however long it was, it's time for a renewed start, and who else better to start with? With her coming rework, let's give a week to appreciate her old mechanics and start indulging in the new. So, without further ado... this week it's Champion Appreciation Week -

    Hm... so it seems they're content with placing her in mid lane, but there's still hints of support (I, for one, did not have much experience with Karma, only had about... two... one was ok... the other was great... ) With her dual nature and her, it seems, offensive oriented abilities, I'm excited about what she will do with this new rework.

    There are no rules, just state why you appr…

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  • Zeowolf0

    Hello Summoners! You know when I was looking over the champions I had on this, I noticed a lack of something, well a role. Support! See even on something like this they get left out. Well lets fix that.

    This is Champion Appreciation Week - Janna

    A champ with huge fanservice (then again almost all female LoL champs are), and second place on my Hottest Champion List.

    With pre-season I haven't seen an increase or decrease of Janna. You know what, I never really had a Janna support me when I go ADC, I think I had one once. I do get Janna on my team, just not when I'm ADC. Anyways!

    With a wealth of CC, great tower defending, and overall versitility, Janna is an excellet team player. As a mid, or support she makes her usefulness known. And a really …

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