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No I actually didnt get a penta (yet)

So urf, its nearly time for you to go back to the heavenly realms and evolve to become more awesome for next year, but goddamit, half time time in the gamemode I dont know whats happening.

I bring your attention to two games, One as Zed urf and one as Veigar urf

I bring your attention to Zed verses an Ezreal, basically during the entire fight I managed to completely dodge every skillshot from Ezreal, even dodging his ult with mine, what I actuallly did was use abilities as soon as they came up and that somehow helped me juke everything.

Next is a Urf veigar when the start of the match, the side laners for my team is doing poorly. Fizz is fed and they are pushing hard, whenever I could I would spam E,W,Q over and over again and whenever someone came close with 50% of their Hp they were dead and we won it somehow because, well I dont know

HAving fun in URF, tell me what you are doing in game and maybe we will share frames of mind of wondeing what we are doing.

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