League of Legends release tons of skins every year. And new player would not be familiar with how the skins would look like. Some said:

- They can wait for shard: New players do not play good enough to earn chests.

- They can wait for skin-event: Not every event allow players to test skin, and time between events would be too long.

- They can watch Skin Spotlight video: Not everyone go beyond the game and reach out for its content. And why should Riot depends on Skin Spotlight. Also Skin Spotlight targets English speaker. Other people would have a hard time understanding, and won't actually know what they really get on their server.

So here is my idea.


- My idea is to allow players to test skins weekly, syncing with the Weekly Free Champion Rotation.

- At the begin of each Weekly Free Champion Rotation, players will gain a Locked Temporary Skin Token for each champion in the Rotation. All old tokens is lost.

- Locked and unlocked skin tokens are stored in the Hextech tab.

- Players must play the champion once while having the locked token to unlock it.

- Once unlocked, player can consume the token to rent one avaiable skin of the champ for 7 days (not disappear at end of week).

- When a skin rent duration ends, a popup is shown, asking if the player want to buy it.


- Can be an easy weekly mission mechanic, go along with the daily First Win of the Day.

- Allow players to test skin right on the client -> Increase the chance players buy skins.

- Understand what skin players want, when exclude the requirement of real money.

- Increase player retention. Each new skin is a reason for players to stay.


- When skins are too easy to have, having a skin has less meaning, players pay less.

- Decrease the difference in skin usage between new and old players -> Less new players buy skins.