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    I just read the following answer to a Blog of mine (context is not important). It basically said:

    "who are those people who flame and rage online, but would only do that in front of a screen?"

    This recalled to my mind an important fact that most of you are probably aware of. We are anonymous. And I am quite sure that almost everyone has abused the anonymity the internet offers at some point.

    When i was introduced to the internet, the medium was still comparably young. I played Diablo 1. Trolls, ragers, flamers and so on did not exist to an extent worth mentioning yet. I learned that the internet was a place where you can socialize with people all over the world. That is why i mostly have big respect for everyone i meet online, even if i have …

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    Many people i meet in LoL search for ways to improve their play, but are not really willing to do much for it. I somehow understand that. Often players, me included, just want to play the game and don't really aim for becoming a professional player who earns a living with playing LoL. And while i aim for becoming a better player, i really do not have the time to sit down and practice all and every day.

    That is why i searched for ways to improve my play without having to put much effort into it.

    I found surprisingly many ways to do so, and i decided that i want to share those with the community. In the following, i prepared a list of easy-to-do things that drastically improve your game in return. Here is my Top-10-List of those easy-to-do-thi…

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    Image and Role of Support

    November 13, 2012 by XelNecra

    I want to talk about the Role of the Support, as well as the image that has established among a majority of the casual gaming community.


    Player1: Hi there, support pls
    Player2: SUPPORT!!!!!
    Player1: I said first, i wanna play support.
    Player2: STFU u're last pick, go Carry or something.
    Player1: I dont wanna play carry...
    Player3: both GTFO, I support or i troll

    A very unlikely scenario to happen, rigth?
    I've seen the abovementioned conversations (or similar ones) for many champion roles every day. But usually for mid, AD or top, jungle sometimes, but not for support.
    It is no news that the Role of the support is the most shunned one among casual players (who make a majority of the gaming community). But why is that so, and why does it h…

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    Perfect Imbalance

    July 26, 2012 by XelNecra

    I had on mind writing a longer commentary on why all new champions are good the way they are (in contrast to the screaming and yelling "NEW CHAMPION OP"-crowd, that is).

    But you know what? The Guys from Extra-Credits did that for me today!

    This video explains the entire balance system of games (they use League of Legends as example several times and they in-depth explain how LOL balance system works at 4:15).


    Feel free to link anybody here who cries about the new champion.

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