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    I want to get a couple of things out of the way before I start talking about this theory I came up with: I am by no means an excellent theory crafter and don't like publishing my ideas unless I have a lot of evidence backing it up, but I feel comfortable with this one. Remember, as with most theories, this is how I see things, which might be complete irrelevant to each other, as one. Without further ado, let's talk about Nasus.

    With the release of his visual upgrade and Infernal Nasus, one could've known that I'd be excited, and I was. Heck, I even bought Infernal the day it came out, and have been playing him to a pulp. The things I want to discuss this time all begin with the release of Infernal Nasus.

    If you read the full details on his r…

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    |alttype = |date = TBA |rangetype = melee |health = 50 |attack = 80 |spells = 30 |difficulty = 70 |hp = 480 (+40) |mana = 350 (+45) |damage= 51 (+2) |range = 125 |armor = 21 (+3.1) |magicresist = 30 (+1.25) |attackspeed = 0.655 (+1.2%) |healthregen = 5.4 (+1) |manaregen = 3.4 (+0.6) |speed = 345 }} Wyver, the Lightning Descendant is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Dealing damage to an enemy champion below 40% of their maximum health marks them with Thunderclap for 6 seconds. Wyver can consume the mark by damaging them with an ability to apply special effects based on the spell used to consume the mark. If Wyver marks a champion with Thunderclap, he cannot mark a champion again for 12 seconds.


    Wyver slashes enemies in front of him, …
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    Rusk, the Element Prodigy

    October 8, 2013 by Umbralis

    [1] Ruske

    the Element Prodigy

    Cost: [2] ? or [3] ?

    Primary: TBA Release date TBA


    Health 470 (+58) Attack damage 50 (+3)
    Health regen. 6.4 (+0.85) Attack speed 0.665 (+2.5%)
    Mana 405 (+46) Armor 19 (+4)
    Mana regen. 7.1 (+0.8) Magic res. 30
    Range 525 Mov. speed 335

    Ruske, the Element Prodigy is a custom champion for League of Legends. Ruske's basic attacks change color based on the last spell he cast, red, orange, green or blue.

    Casting a spell grants Ruske a stack of Enhanced Casting. Ruske can only gain 1 stack every 1.25 seconds. Upon reaching 5 stacks, the stacks are replaced with a Power Cast buff, resetting the cooldowns of his basic abilities. Casting a spell consumes the Power Cast buff and grants that spell extra effects and permanently grants Ru…

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