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  • TheTobarMethod

    Hey guys! We here at Riot have decided that Morello IS a complete idiot and only makes good decisions 50% of the time, so we killed him and put TheTobarMethod in his place! Enjoy our new patch notes!                   (The version number is 3.XX because these could be implemented anytime during 3.0 so it could be 3.13, 3.14, 3.15 etc)

    • In an effort to balance his execution power but still allow for executions to take place, we've halfed the missing health damage dealt from when used with . 
    • reduced to
    • passive damage has been reduced to from
    • cooldown has been increased to from
    • We decided the nerfs to Shaco's  were a tad much this season and are reverting his 400 range back to 500.
    • Shaco's  can now be detonated early by holding down its movemen…

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  • TheTobarMethod

    The New PBE

    October 22, 2013 by TheTobarMethod

    Hey guys

    Riot's changing the PBE into a much more limited/exclusive and feedback based service instead of just a "test realm" as it has been for the past what, 2 years now? I have been a user of the server since its last sign-up back in November of last year, and have left SOME feedback on the forums in my period of using it. Nothing really major though. Mainly about client instabilities and heavy server lag back in January/February.

    The problem I have with the NEW PBE concept is that for the most part, the things they are really looking for arent as much "I like this" or "I think..." its more about technical issues and actual in-depth feedback. Niether of which are honestly, things most players will be able to give in any meaningfull amounts…

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  • TheTobarMethod

    Event Skin Re-Sales

    October 11, 2013 by TheTobarMethod

    Hey again 

    I called it that Riot would probably do something like this sometime eventually, and the last year re-opening of the Legacy Vault confirmed that they considered reselling an option. Riot just this week annonuced that they will be putting the skins from following events back on sale in the following months.

    • 2010-2011 Harrowing -> October 2013
    • 2009-2010 Snowdown Showdown -> December 2013
    • 2010 Winter Olympic Games -> February 2014
    • 2010 World Cup -> June 2014

    So.....What are your thoughts on this? Personally, Im fucking ecstatic about the sales and will plan to burn through my wallet to nab these.

    However there IS a downside to the sales. The entire point of making these skins "Limited Edition" were to create a air of urgency and a type of…

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  • TheTobarMethod

    Hey all

    (According to OP.GG) Iv been sitting at the lonely MMR of 1269 for awhile now, but Im in Bronze 3. The group of players that I normally play with in premade normals and that im in preparation for a ranked team with are all between Silver III - Gold IV. I EASILY keep up with them in in-house custom games and about 75% of the time do well in 5v5 premades in normals. The once a month game I queue up for just to not go inactive, I have never lost. I recieve 25 LP each win so I KNOW I can win games and get alot of division progress.


    I have no balls. I cri evry tiem eye try to Queue up without buddies. Its not a "fear" of SoloQ, I just dont have the drive for it. Basically, im incredibly apathetic in regards to playing LoL by myself now…

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  • TheTobarMethod

    Hey guys,

    For awhile now I have been thinking that an AP equivalent of Mercurial Scimitar would be pretty nice. Although I would prefer to not have it be an offensive item, rather a defensive item because I personally hate BV's situational passive.

    The reason I think this, is the fact that AP Carry's arent as popular at higher level play as they are at lower level play. Why? True to form Carry's generall lack CC/Utility in every form and if they do have it it is soft CC, and usually on only one ability. Higher MMR you go, damage loses its importance. Hence champs like Orianna and TF. LoL has AP Carry's however, that DO possess CC, Veigar/Ryze/Tristana/Annie etc. this does complicate things as teams could have 2 cleanses on relatively short C…

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