Enchantment – Bloodreaper is a jungle item concept for AD Divers and Assassins who can dish out a lot of damage and it's primary goal is to finish off low health opponents. Similar item – Spirit of the Elder Lizard

I've made this concept because I wanted to give something more interesting to AD fighters and assassins to play around. The item aims to be very effective at finish off enemies who lack are very low on health as well as defensive stats

The strong point of the item is that it becomes very effective against enemies who are missing a lot of health, while the weak point is that it uneffective against high health enemies

Warrior item Warrior enchantment might be very cost effective but lategame is being outclassed by other items like Death's Dance and does not bring anything interesting to it's users, which can make the item very boring.

Enchantment Magus item Runic Echoes is an example that brings something interesting to Jungle Mages. It helps them keep their mana up and gives them some extra damage, even if the damage not that great

In that similar matter, since many AD junglers miss Spirit of the Elder Lizard item Spirit of the Elder Lizard, Enchantment Bloodreaper can be modernized version of it that brings something interesting and something that helps with scoring takedowns