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As some of you may know I went on a bit of a crazy fit last year in regards to giving 16 users moderator rights with the only requirement that they wanted the rights. Only 8 of those users still have their rights.

I made this blog because I personally feel responsible for most of the drama, squabbles and the general decline of user quality that has happened since then. I have not kept an eye on those who I promoted and have basically stepped back in regards to watching over our users and the wiki and have let others take on my responsibilities. With a new year upon us I'm here to say that 2014 will be a year of progress and change and I will not be afraid to take a hands-on approach to move our wiki forward.

The start to this change will be the demotion of the 8 users I promoted last year. This is something I should have done a long time ago. Not all of these users are deserving of their rights and this will be a way to weed those users out.

I've gone ahead and created moderator rights requests for the 8 users being demoted, if they truly deserve their rights then they should have no problem getting their rights back. As with all rights requests, if they do not pass their initial request they are more than welcome to try again at a later date.

The list of rights requests:

Inactive requests:
League_of_Legends_Wiki:Request_for_Moderator/Dah' Blob

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