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NeonSpotlight NeonSpotlight 30 December 2017

NeonSpotlight's Compendium of Editorial Knowledge

This is a work in progress and may take quite a while to finish, I will try and update whenever I can/am willing to. I will take suggestions on what to add to the blog in the comment section. Other moderator+ editors can add to this if they wish but in the end it will be up to my judgement as to whether or not their contributions are appropriate for this page or if they need to be edited to be brought up to a higher standard of quality.

Subheadings are used to help separate sections of a page, as can be seen in this blog, by allowing you to basically tell what the following lines are about. When using a subheading your text size is increased and given a horizontal rule underneath to further separate sections of your text. To insert a s…

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NeonSpotlight NeonSpotlight 4 December 2017

NeonSpotlight's Guide to Editing: New champion releases

This is the first in a series of small guides I've decided to make to help share my editing knowledge, this initially started out as a patch time guide but there's so much to do just in new champions alone that I've decided to separate it into two guides, this being the first.

This guide will focus on what needs to be done when a new champion is released via a patch. I will be using Yasuo as an example. Because a champion will usually be on the PBE for some time before a patch is released things like their base statistics, page creation and their subpages will not be covered here, this guide is strictly for what happens when the champion is made available.

Because this is the first of the series it may be a little rough and any and all feedb…

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NeonSpotlight NeonSpotlight 7 March 2017

How do I...?

This blog will be about editing specific sections/pages, for basic wiki help (like how do I make a link or use those little champion icons) please use my editing cheat sheet.

This guide assumes that you're using source mode editing as it is the most reliable, consistent and hands-on editing mode. To select this method visit Special:Preferences and under the editing tab select "Source Editor" in the Preferred Editor dropdown.

Many examples I will provide use the wiki's revision comparison tool, it may look scary at first but all it does is highlight the changes made between edits. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below or contact me on my message wall.

  • 1 Make a custom champion concept
  • 2 Edit the free champion rotat…

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NeonSpotlight NeonSpotlight 27 February 2017

LoL Wiki - Where to improve?

Hello, my name is NeonSpotlight, I am admin on the wiki and, as some people say, the boss around here. I've recently realized we have become complacent here at the wiki and have sought to find ways to improve the wiki.

Some improvements we have made include me adding a tabber function for champions with a remake on the PBE (see this old revision of Evelynn's page for an example]. We're currently discussing adding this to all champions who have changes on the PBE. Another improvement we've made includes adding a link to LoLKing's modelviewer in the name of every skin on a champion's SkinsTrivia page's gallery ().

I guess I'm rambling now... the reason I made this blog is because I feel as though we need to incorporate the LoL community mor…

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NeonSpotlight NeonSpotlight 26 February 2017

NeonSpotlight's Guide to Editing: Patch time

I've decided to make this blog/guide because I noticed when V4.1 was released that a lot of people don't really know what to do wiki-wise when a patch is released.

This guide will be an updated version of my previous Patchtime Checklist blog except more fleshed out. As with my New champions guide, this will be more of a checklist type guide, not an extensive how-to edit guide. For basic editing help please see my compendium of editorial knowledge blogs.

  • 1 In general
  • 2 New champions
  • 3 New items
  • 4 Skins
    • 4.1 Ward skins
  • 5 Game mechanics
  • 6 Patch histories
  • 7 Balance changes
    • 7.1 Champion stat changes
    • 7.2 Crowd control changes
    • 7.3 Item stat changes
    • 7.4 Ability stat changes
      • 7.4.1 List of stat pages

  • Patch page itself created
  • Patch updated, new patch added
  • Template:Current mainte…

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