Poll up!

Scudmarx won last contest. The point system is not coming now so we are staying with the polls.

I'm just advertising a little bit Veterans of the Empire, it's a Warcraft III map I'm gonna do with champions and items you suggest.


  • Each participant must CREATE a custom champion for this contest.
    • The title should begin with CCC6, and a link to the challenge must be posted on the champion page itself.
  • Each participant may only have 1 accepted entry per contest.
  • Each participant, once the champion is created, must then post a link to the champ itself on the comments below. The champion can be imbalanced or have missing values if it is fixed later.
  • Roughly 1 week and an half after the start (October 12th), all entries that seems to respect well the challenge (I'll see later how much) will be accepted.
  • Toughly half a week after that (October 14th), 3 polls will be available for 1 week (October 14th-October 21st) : best kit, shiniest entry, personal favorite. Whichever ranks the highest in the polls will win (I have my own ways for determining who won, don't worry).
    • If Scudmarx participate, his entry won't be in the polls, as he was winner of the previous CCC.
  • The owner of the winning entry will submit the challenge for the next CCC as a reward.


Your champion must interact with summoner spells in some way. Yep, nothing more than that.


1. Gideon, the Former Summoner by DBinitiate
2. Magia, the Spell Twister by JmNyan
3. Connie, the Time Thief by Ragemutt
4. Terrigon, the Outlaw Summoner by Grrrbear26
5. Freud, the Ex-Summoner by VirusVirus
6. Arimse, the World Weaver by Drheyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaaven