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Commander Marko is our challenge's creator this time. Read the rules again, I changed stuff.


  • Each participant must CREATE a custom champion for this contest.
    • The title should begin with CCC4, and a link to the challenge must be posted on the champion page itself.
  • Each participant may only have 1 accepted entry per contest.
  • Each participant, once the champion is created, must then post a link to the champ itself on the comments below. At this state, the champion can be imbalanced or have missing values.
  • Roughly 2 weeks after the start (July 15th), all entries that seems to respect well the challenge (I'll see later how much) will be accepted.
  • After that, for theorically 1 week (July 15-28) the contestant can finish their respective champions (values, icons, lore... all those things).
  • After this week, 3 polls will be available for 1 week (July 28-August 4) : Most original kit, Fullfil the best the challenge, Personal favorite. Whichever ranks the highest in the polls will win (I'll decide later how exactly).
  • The owner of the winning entry will submit the challenge for the next CCC as a reward.


Your champion's basic abilities must be spammable (no higher than 5 second base cooldown) and there must be some mechanic that restricts the champion's capability to spam in exchange for power (e.g. ramping costs and cooldowns in exchange for ranges and damage) or vice verse (continued spamming depreciates range, damage, etc).


1. Azazel the Arcanist by Emptylord
2. Oron the Geomancer by Draaaaaaaaaaven
3. Ulyssa the Lament of the Void by Lukeatlook
4. Mephisto the Damnator of Souls by Parrrley
5. Xasus the Ancient Memory by JmLyan
6. Agatha the Mist Poison by VirusVirus
7. Xentos the Foreigner by Commander Marko
8. Asylia the Silver Gunslinger by Airclever
9. Vis the Elementalist by Pbnjelly
10. Lustrum the Time Mage by Xyclone010
11. Kai the Spellthief by VivAdrasteia
12. Jim the Awakening by Toppoo1234
13. Anselm the Conjurer by Willbachbakal
14. Haux the Precourser of Machines by Grrrbear26
15. Iava the Fairy Mage by Elphrihaim