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  • Lykrast

    |alttype = Pusher |ip = 6300 |rp = 975 |attack = 6 |health = 5 |spells = 2 |difficulty = 9 |ms = 330 |range= |as_base=0.625 |as_lvl=2 |dam_base=56 |dam_lvl=3.1 |arm_base=28.2 |arm_lvl=3.6 |mr_base=32.1 |mr_lvl=1.25 |hp_base=589 |hp_lvl=81 |hp5_base=6.5 |hp5_lvl=0.85 |mp_base=281 |mp_lvl=45 |mp5_base=7.4 |mp5_lvl=0.5 |date=26/05/2015 }}

    Got this idea while playing Hearthstone... not really the closest game to LoL but, hey, that's inspiration! He is some sort of crow man thing, and he breathes fire. I know his E is VERY similar to , but it's a cool idea and I thought it was fitting with his theme as a mainly pusher. I also know his passive is quite close to , but it accomplishes something different. W surely lacks some imagination, but I was…

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  • Lykrast

    As part of the first Concept Battle, here is my entry. There may be some typos in it because I'm posting that when I shouldn't have that much time. Ability that fulfills the challenge is W. Icons will come when I have some more proper time.


    Celeste causes energy to collapse on the target area, dealing magic damage in a 250 radius area after a second delay.

    |leveling= |description2=1 second thereafter, the energy collapses again on the same area, dealing magic damage. |leveling2= |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=mana |range=850 }} }}

    Celeste fires out a burst of energy in a line, dealing magic damage to the first enemy struck.

    |description2= After Cosmic Link hits an enemy, the burst of energy continues through for 300 units, searching for secon…

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  • Lykrast

    CCC6 Poll

    October 12, 2014 by Lykrast

    Original post.

    Winner : Draven and DBinitiate

    Draven already won once, so DBinitiate

    Your champion must interact with summoner spells in some way. Yep, nothing more than that.

    1. Gideon, the Former Summoner by DBinitiate
    2. Magia, the Spell Twister by JmNyan
    3. Connie, the Time Thief by Ragemutt
    4. Terrigon, the Outlaw Summoner by Grrrbear26
    5. Freud, the Ex-Summoner by VirusVirus
    6. Arimse, the World Weaver by

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  • Lykrast

    CCC6 by Scudmarx

    September 30, 2014 by Lykrast

    Poll up!

    Scudmarx won last contest. The point system is not coming now so we are staying with the polls.

    I'm just advertising a little bit Veterans of the Empire, it's a Warcraft III map I'm gonna do with champions and items you suggest.

    • Each participant must CREATE a custom champion for this contest.
      • The title should begin with CCC6, and .
    • Each participant may only have 1 accepted entry per contest.
    • Each participant, once the champion is created, must then post a link to the champ itself on the comments below. The champion can be imbalanced or have missing values if it is fixed later.
    • Roughly 1 week and an half after the start (October 12th), all entries that seems to respect well the challenge (I'll see later how much) will be accepted.
    • Toughly …

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  • Lykrast

    Nosorog, the fearless leader

    September 27, 2014 by Lykrast

    He is some kind of rhinoman. Might also need better name for some abilities. Check the abilities details for the thoughts.

    | }}

    Nosorog's next basic attack deals bonus physical damage in a 200 radius area around its target and slows all enemies hit for 2 seconds.



    |cooldown= |cost=60 |costtype=mana }} | }}

    After a short windup time, Nosorog dashes 550 units in the target direction, dealing physical damage and rooting for 1 second all enemies on his way. Nosorog will carry with him the first enemy champion hit.

    |leveling= |description2=If Nosorog collides with a wall, he stops the charge prematurely. If an enemy champion was carried, it takes 50% bonus physical damage and is stunned. |leveling2=

    |cooldown= |cost=140 |costtype=mana |ra…

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