• Lokiwg

    Teemo soft skill based rework

    November 30, 2015 by Lokiwg

    Camouflage Edit no Change.

    If Teemo stands still and does nothing for 1.5 seconds, reduced to 0.75 seconds if he is in brush, he gains stealth.

    If Teemo enters stealth while in a brush, he can move around and maintain his stealth as long as he doesn't attack, use an ability or exit the brush. If he enters stealth while outside of a brush, moving or [1] being moved also breaks his camouflage.

    When the stealth is broken Teemo gains the [2] Element of Surprise and 20 / 40 / 60 / 80% bonus attack speed for 3 seconds.

     [show] Ability Details

    Stinging Dart RANGE: 580COST: 50COOLDOWN: 4 Edit no longer blinds 

    ACTIVE: Teemo shoots a dart at the target enemy, dealing them magic damage and applying all on hit effects.

    *MAGIC DAMAGE: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 20…

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  • Lokiwg

    So I see so many people still ranting about how broken the juggernauts are and how they need a nerf. While this is kinda true for Fiora in that her Q admittedly is up a little too often, I do not agree with this sentiment on Darius, Mord, Skarner, or Garen.

    The only thing that makes Darius strong it that he is a safety pick, but why cant Top get a safety pick every other lane already has one ex. Malzar, Warwick, Jinx, Soraka. For the longest time the only safety pick for top has been Malphite and honestly that's only good in some situations, so I thought top deserved the safety a Darius pick can provide. Garen, and Darius are super easily counter picked too so its not really a big deal.

    Skarner was super broken for that one weekend before he…

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  • Lokiwg

    Dear Ekko players

    June 26, 2015 by Lokiwg

    So Ekko has been out for a minute and there is a pretty solid understanding of how he works, so I have one question aimed to those of you that build Luden's Echo on him - why?

    I have not built the item on him once not even the first day he was out as a ill try it. The item just doesn't make sense on him. Lets think about it. Lets say we have a level 6 Ekko with Luden's Echo and nothing else for stats we are just looking at the item. With pre-nerf Ludens Echo you would get 118 damage per pop. In 1 fight the most you can realistically look for is 2 procs in a fight 1 at the beginning and 1 near the end so that's 236 damage from the Echo. Now with nerfed Luden's Echo the best you can realistically hope for in a fight is 1 proc dealing 112 dama…

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  • Lokiwg

    Vladimir The Fruity Wonder

    February 9, 2015 by Lokiwg

    I have been playing a lot of Vladimir lately and have fallen for how hilariously fruity he is. The only problem I have with Vlad is that he has 1:31  worth of dialog so even though I love the Fruity personality Vlad projects in that 1:31, it leaves me wanting more. Most champions nowadays have 8 or 9 minutes of dialog atleast, like Sion I love Sions personality as well and he has so much he says throughout a game it never gets old. I dont think Vlad needs a Vu or any game play changes, but I think he needs like 5 more minutes of quality fruity dialog. 

    What do you all think, what could be some good lines he could be given, and is there any other champion you guys think just need some more dialog?

    Fine B - , your just my type.

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  • Lokiwg

    Shaco Mid?

    January 15, 2015 by Lokiwg

    So shaco is quickly become one of my favorite champions this season and like any one that loves playing a champion you start to test the limits on his Kit by seeing what lanes that champion can play. 

    Of course I started Shaco jungle and abused the counter jungling smite and Shaco's already slippery nature, but after a few games i noticed that while counter jungle our opposing jungler to death was funny it just was not that effective. After that I started taking stalkers smite and ganking none stop, this was super effective, however these gankes were not that strong unless your lane you were ganking for had alot of damage already. I looked at Shaco's kite and had a good think. Shaco's Kite seems like it tries to force you to jungle by givin…

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