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  • LionsLight

    Luka, the Unbaptized

    March 6, 2012 by LionsLight

    Melee, Carry

    |secondname = Ninefold Rakshasa |secondinfo = (Active): In a deadly stance, Luka channels to swing his sword wildly, damaging all enemies surrounding him 9 times over 2 seconds.

    • Cost: 90 Mana
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds

    |secondlevel =

    |thirdname = Raging Gale |thirdinfo = (Passive): Luka passively draws the power of an air elemental to reduce oncoming damage by 10% (5% for AoE damage and damage of time effects). (Active): Luka may target an ally to grant them a damage-blocking shield. While the shield holds, the targetted ally gains the passive and receives bonus attack speed. If Luka targets himself, the passive buff stacks additively.

    • Duration: 5 seconds
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds

    |thirdlevel =

    |ultiname = Daystar |ultiinfo = (Active): Luka targets a large …

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  • LionsLight

    Fighter Energy Champ that relies on autoattacking.

    |secondname = Warrior's Arena |secondinfo = (Active): Raidy electrifies an area, slowing and dealing continuous damage to all enemies in the area. In the affected area, Raidy gains bonus armor penetration and restores energy with autoattacks.

    • Duration: 8 seconds
    • Cooldown: 18 seconds
    • Cost: 70 energy
    • Energy Restored: 10 per autoattack
    • Cast Range: 600
    • AoE Radius: 550

    |secondlevel =

    |thirdname = Magical Bandanna |thirdinfo = (Active): Raidy uses her bandanna to grant a spell shield that blocks the first unfriendly ability for the next 3 seconds. If the shield pops, Raidy recovers 20 energy and receives a Magic Resistance buff for a short time.

    • Duration: 5 seconds
    • Cost: 40 energy

    |thirdlevel =

    |ultiname = Thunder Sla…

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  • LionsLight

    Sunfire Cape

    January 7, 2012 by LionsLight

    So, problem most people have with is the cost and damage output. I personally disagree, so this blog post will just be a bunch of stats showing off how much your tanks are actually doing compared to Sunfire and the cost-effectiveness of the item.

    We know that deals 35 Magic Damage per second to all surrounding enemies. So, let's just take a look at the damage output from AOE skills from characters with the "Tank" tag.

    Requires 80 AP to be on par with
    Skills can be chained to maximise the duration.
    13 seconds
    18 (+0.04 AP) (+6) (+0.02 AP) Magic Damage per second.
    Requires 30% CDR or 183 AP to be on par with .
    6 seconds
    29 (+0.08 AP) Magic Damage per second.
    On par with with 2 autoattacks / 17% CDR / 70 AP.
    1 second
    Always outdamages .
    7 seconds
    42 …

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