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  • KazMx

    New Home Page!

    September 17, 2011 by KazMx

    The front page will be redesigned so it can include a lot of features without compromising too much space!

    The new features include:

    • The new main page slider! which includes links to main articles!
    • Twitter feed from the League of Legends Wiki account.
    • Regular polls from the game and the Wiki.
    • A new notice board which will act as the community messages.
    • A Chat shortcut from the main page.
    • and of course our brand new "News section" which we will maintain you informed of the Wiki's whereabouts and the game! (btw, anyone can publish news: just add Category:News blog at the end of the article)

    Let me know what you think. I also want to thank our friends at , which lend me their code to make the new Wiki Main Page.

    To see it in action visit: the or User:…

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  • KazMx

    Lately I've seen a lot of Request for Permissions from a lot of Users, which is great and awesome that a lot of people is interested in becoming an important part to this wiki. But what I have been noticing is the large amount of Popularity Contest we have around here.

    This started a long time ago. I was an very active editor back then. And unfortunately this has caused some troubles, so now I see the importance to get back to my first wiki. As you may now I've been editing here constantly and I've been taking the roll of many users out there.

    But what shocks me the most is the following one user: Tech. He is the most annoying person I've met recently, but nonetheless he is a hardworking editor, and a thing that may shock many of you: He is …

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  • KazMx

    Hello LoL Wikians, here is a quick update from me

    1. The Riot answer for the "merger" hasn't been answer so that discussion is on hold until we receive any notice from Riot Games.
    2. The Bureaucrats have a new tool against the vandalism, it will be rarely use, only on the extreme cases.
    3. Many users have gone MIA, but the most important part is that many of them have administrative rights or edition rights. So we may start to enforce a policy of Wiki for this type of actions. It is up to discussion right now, but the deal goes like this: after (at least) 45 days of inactivity the user will be warned about losing his or her rights.
    4. And finally since the Age of Empires Online Beta has ended I'll be contributing a lot more often, like every 15 minutes!!! …
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  • KazMx

    News: PC Gamer on Replay Tool

    February 10, 2011 by KazMx

    I found the news again in PC Gamer, and I thought I could share it with the Wiki community.

    A duo of talented Perth programmers have released an unofficial replay tool for League of Legends.

    Matt and Cam are Perth-based programmers who got impatient waiting for Riot Games to release an official replay program. They put the tool together in three weeks after waiting two years for Riot Games to produce their own. Seeing as the tool doesn’t directly interface with the League of Legends’ client, Riot are currently removing links on their forums as they decide what course to take.

    Players no longer have to rely on the old resource intensive method of video recording their session, but can instead record network traffic and re-create it afterwards.…

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  • KazMx

    I found the news from PC Gamer, and I thought I could share it with the Wiki community.

    Last month, we revealed three upcoming LoL champions in our magazine. The first, Caitlyn, has already hit live servers and the second was just announced with no details last night! These champions are unlike anything you’ve seen before, and now that the issue that they’re revealed in (US, March 2011) is on newsstands, we’re showing ‘em off online. Read on for artwork, and all of the details we have on their abilities, roles, and backstories.

    We flew to Riot Games’ offices in late December to play hands-on with works-in-progress champions (read about our experiences playing and discussing champion balance with the devs) way before their release, and compil…

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