Attributes: melee, ranged, fighter, mage



Passive: God King- Atsu's basic attacks, non-ultimate abilities, and base stats are changed depending on the amount of attack damage or abilty power he has (only counts from bonus stats) When Atsu has more AD than AP his basic attacks will be melee and will be granted bonus armour and magic resist depending on level (2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36 bonus armour and magic resist) If Atsu has more AP than AD his attacks will be ranged, also If Atsu uses and ability, his next basic attack will do bonus damage based of his AP.  (50% AP ) ( cursed targets will be done additional damage 25%)
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Crook: active: ( more AP ) Atsu uses his crook to summon a mark onto a targeted location, all enemies are slowed by 30% when on the mark. after a 2 second dealy the mark explodes, dealing magic damage and summonig a curse onto all enemies standing on the mark. When Atsu uses another ability on a cursed target, there will be an added effect depending on the abilty. ( 60, 90, 140, 180, 220 base damage) ( 80% AP)

( more AD ) Atsu throws his crook on the targeted location dealing damage, if the enemy is struck at the center of the ability, they are rooted in place for 1 second.  Atsu can re-activate the ability to blink to the location of the crook, dealing 25% additional damage to a enemy. the crook will stay at the location of impact for ten second or until Atsu walks over it. Crook will not go on cooldown until picked up or 5 seconds after impact.    (70, 100, 130, 160, 200 base damge) ( 120% AD )  

Accrepower chaos form
Flail: active: ( more AP ) Atsu sends out a skill shot with his flail the damages the first enemy unit it hits, dealing magic damage over 3 seconds. If the target is cursed, they will be snared for 1.5 seconds. (70, 100, 140, 180, 240 base damage) ( 100% AP ) 

( More AD) Atsu empowers his Flail for 4 seconds, increasing the range by 130 and adding a damge over time effect. If all attacks land on a single target they will be slowed by 25% that deminished over 3 seconds. every addition attack on a target increases the time of the D.O.T. by .5 seconds. (5, 15,30,50,70 base per second) ( 50% AD )

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Sacrifices for the gods: Passive: ( both AP and AD ) whenever Atsu kills a target he gains a percentage of his mana back based of of his max mana. a minion will bless 3% of his max mana back, a siege minion gives 5%, a nuetral buff monster gives 25%, and an enemy champion returnes 50% of his max mana, also kills give him "blood for the gods" 1 gift for minions and 15 for champions.

Active: (more AP) Atsu sends the gods all collected blood. The gods bless him for his sacrifices, granting him ability power based of the amount of blood given that lasts for 10 seconds. ( .5, .6,.7,.8, 1 AP for every given blood)

(more AD) Atsu does the same, but instead of addition AP he recieves a shiled that last for 10 seconds or until destroyed. ( x7, x11, x13, x18, x25 )

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Staue of the Ra: Active: ( both AP and AD ) Atsu commands a staue of Ra to erupt from the ground surrounded by a Sandstorm. All enemies in the sandstorm will have thier vision reduced and can only see the area around them. Inside the Sandstorm, Atsu becomes empowered granting him bonus stats. ( 40, 80, 150 AD -- 40, 90, 160 AP -- 30, 60, 80 armour and magic resist -- 30 % bonus mocement speed.) ( only AP -- cused targets inside the storm will be continuasly damaged by the sand and slowed)

How to play/play against Atsu-

( AP )

learning how to use his curse for diffrent situation will greatly increase his affectiveness.

Try not to 1v1 an Atsu who has a large amount of farm, the addidtion AP can quickly turn a fight in his favor.

Atsu must hit his abilities to be effective, high mobilty can deny him all of his damage and lockdowns.

Atsu's ability range is much larger than an enemys site inside a sandstorm, use it to make it harder for then to dodge.

Atsu has many buffs than can highly increase his damage output, given him an extrmely  high burst if used correctly.

( AD )

Atsu's crook can be to scout out areas and to escape many situations.

Atsu's fail is his main chase ability, if he cannot land the slows, he will be less effective, blinks and slows against him will help create distance between you denying him slows.

becuase Atsu can obtain high amounts of armour and magic resist through his passive and ultimate, making him tanky even if he buys mostly damage.