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  • Deshiba

    Greetings fellow summoners.

    I'm probably not the first to have this idea, but I'd still like to share and hear your thoughts. As I for one would love a game mode where we can actually play out some of the wars that formed Runeterra! Now basically this game mode would be a game where we'd have a limited champion pool which depends on what war you'd choose. This would feature all the known factions and their counterparts.

    Demacia, Noxus and Ionia are known to be at odds with one another, and although Ionia proclaims neutrality, they still have their fair share of wars. While Demacia and Noxus seem to do nothing but fight each other each chance they get. It would be nice to see the champions that hail from these great nations fight each other! …

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  • Deshiba

    Greetings fellow summoners!

    With a new and exciting in the making, I thought it was about time to compare some numbers and effects between melee supports. To start this off let's refresh who these melee supports are and what they do!


    The beloved bull that tanks it up, applying irremovable Crowd Control damaging you with his mere presence and healing anything in range by roaring a lot. A true bully in the hands of a master.
    The automaton that loves to pick out a single target and debilitate it with shocking effects. In the right team a single target will get ganged up on and die before being able to respond.
    A friendly guy that walks around slowing and damaging enemies while shielding and hopping around. New guy in town, with all the…

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  • Deshiba

    AoE Marksmen Comparison

    March 31, 2014 by Deshiba

    Greetings fellow summoners,

    Recently I did a champion rework on that completely removed his current identity from the game. What I was actually doing was making some sense of things for myself, things that just didn't add up. I would like to make amends for my mistake by at least making clear what my actual issue is.

    There's a lot of different types of Marksmen out there, you have the hyper mobile poke champions, e.g., , & . Then you have the long range semi-mobile types, e.g., , & . There's all-in beasts, e.g., , & that sort of have to keep going in order to win. You have ranged turrets, e.g., & . And then there are AoE champions, my focus of this post: "", "" & "".

    These three are similar in many ways, and the role they fulfill is abo…

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  • Deshiba

    Wiki: The Post

    March 29, 2014 by Deshiba

    Greetings to all you Wikians out there. Today I'm going to rant a bit about the general use of markup on this wiki or should I say, "lack thereof". As there are a lot of blog posts out there, and there seem to be two types of people. There are the text-wallers, that forgo any kind of mark up. And then there are the Funny Guys that use templates to deal . I won't make a discernibly different judgement between the two, both will be hated equally!

    When writing content:

    • Use spell checkers, capital letters, punctuation and paragraphs... for the love of League, paragraphs!
    • Use wiki markup, e.g.:
    • Adhere to the Manual of Style.
    • Be consistent in the names you give to things; using both and is just bad practice (not wrong, just not right)

    To start off …

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  • Deshiba

    Twitch - Tweaked

    March 27, 2014 by Deshiba

    I am here to let you all know that what is underneath this message, is a mistake. And I don't believe in deleting or denying mistakes, so I'm keeping this up here as a reminder to me, and to learn from every piece of wisdom and just plain feels you have bestowed upon me.

    I also promise that my next attempt will be better. Thank you all for the time invested in this

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