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  • Deshiba

    Case study; Mana Regeneration.

    September 20, 2014 by Deshiba

    Greetings fellow Summoners,

    Today I'd like to dive a little deeper into mana regeneration, and as to how this affects your item choices. I'll be doing so by a bit of calculation into what certain champions would need in order to keep casting their skills on cool down. I'll also add a bit of a conclusion at the end of this particular case study, which might be opinionated. Sounds like fun? Well I can't blame you!!!

    By now, I hope, that all readers are aware of what mana regeneration is, and that it is expressed in the game as MP/S or MP/5. I'm also assuming that all of us know the 5 ways we get mana regeneration, Base Statistics, Masteries, Runes, Items and Buffs. Now the way I see it, the mana regeneration mechanic is something that puts mana base…

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  • Deshiba

    Return from hiatus

    July 2, 2014 by Deshiba

    Greetings fellow summoners! I am back! Well... Kind of...

    I am writing here to let everyone that cares know that I will be undertaking some projects on this wiki, without concent or discussion of any kind. Seeing as any suggestion I made a month ago got 0 replies. Even with an extensive discussion about Gold Efficiency that has gone over at least 3 threads for over 3 months has had nothing done to it.

    I am also going to return to a blog series for some that liked it; Solo Queue:! It's making a glorious return, like a phoenix, or .

    I look forward to resuming communication with all of you,

    - Deshiba, the Nitpicker 18:10, July 2, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Deshiba

    What if: Viktor

    May 21, 2014 by Deshiba

    Greetings, fellow summoners. What if got the same treatment as pertaining their unique items? That , like , was converted into a trinket?

    Making the hex core into a trinket would pose some interesting options and challenges.

    1. itself wouldn't take up a slot anymore, freeing Viktor to buy other items for that slot. So, just like Bonetooth Necklace, The Hex Core should lose its damage core but maintain its utility.
    2. is tied into , this could either mean that he'd need a new passive, or that the damage statistics that were part of both The Hex Core and its evolutions become this passive.
    3. , like trinkets, requires gold to upgrade into its evolutions. This is different from the kill stack-based Bonetoth Necklace.

    Keeping all those options and challen…

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  • Deshiba

    1800 Love.

    May 19, 2014 by Deshiba

    Greetings fellow editors!

    I would like to switch it up this time. This post is not about the game, it's about the wiki and all of you!

    When I started playing the game League of Legends, I quickly discovered this wiki and have since been active here on and off. I'm proud of my participation since his release and remain an active if at some times somewhat abstract contributor. And in my time spent with the game but more so with this wiki, I've seen many people come and go, I've seen the wiki and it's article's evolve, I've seen changes be implemented and reverted, I've seen concept posts about possible improvements and most of all I've had lively, silly, and thought altering discussions with you guys and gals.

    So I would like to say: I love al…

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  • Deshiba

    No counterplay

    May 15, 2014 by Deshiba

    Greetings fellow Summoners,

    Today I'd like to talk a bit about Riots decision making process and how no (or "Lack off") counter play influences this in a positive way but sometimes has negative results. This will cover various topics, but I'll try to steer clear of a but it has to be mentioned so bare with me.

    I feel that the "Unstoppable" mechanic is broken and should not exist, as skilled play has no way of preventing it. The only counter to it, is to buy items, or pick champions specifically to deal with the mechanic in itself. Your thoughts to this statement will be appreciated ;)

    So what exactly counts as "counterplay"? Well according to the dictionaries, it is "a positive or aggressive action by the defending side", so that would be so…

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