Hello League wiki community!

I have decided to start creating a champion concept on my own for fun in hopes to submit it to Riot. Whether it helps inspire them, becomes a champion itself or just gets shoved aside doesn't really matter a lot, but I think it would be a fun and creative experience to work on.

I have only recently started on some of the basic ideas, and have a general theme/inspiration for my champion based on the ideas and laws of electricity and magnetic poles.

I will accept ALL suggestions posted and would love to hear what you all have to say, I currently have a few ideas down that I definately want to keep (not necessarily the numbers).

See you on the fields of justice summoners!

To do list:

  1. W/E/R Abilities/mechanics/names.
  2. Champion Name/Lore.
  3. Cosmetic concepts.
  4. Personality/Champion Quotes etc.

Champion Concept (in progress).

(SC) = Subject to Change

N/A = Not Available

Racial Concept: Mechanical being (SC)

Visual Concept: N/A

Name: N/A

Lore: N/A

Champion Type: Tanky Mage, Supportive, Hybrid, Melee

Range: 125 (Melee)

Movespeed: 305-315 (Most probable)

Q ability, <name>:

W ability, Magnetism: <Name> sends out an area of effect nuke around (it) dealing (Base Damage) (+AD)(+AP), pulls all targets hit if <Name>'s polarity is negative and pushes all targets hit if <Name>'s polarity is positive.

Range: 500 - 600

Knock Back: 350 - 450

Cooldown: N/A (ideally short-ish)

Notable mechanics:

  • The knock back from being positively charged has a range of <Knock Back Range> regardless of how close/far the enemies are.
  • The knockback can't knock opponents over walls other than ones made by champion abilities while they can be pulled through any wall assuming they are within range.
  • Affects both minions and champions for the knockback but only champions for the pull so that you don't trap yourself by minions after pulling.

E ability, <name>:

R ability, <name>:

Innate Bipolar (SC): After every time <Name> uses an ability, (it's) polarity switches between positive and negative debuffing opponents hit with the ability with the respective charge altering the mechanics of <Name>'s abilities towards that target. Applying an opposing charge deals extra damage (+AP), improves movespeed for a brief period and overrides the previous debuff. (Initialized as positive)

Quote Ideas:

/joke: "Magnets. I know how they work."

Additional mechanics: Recharge type mechanic, regenerates like energy, (a bit faster) after using an ability you lose electrical power, reducing the effectiveness of the passives damage/movespeed buff. (possibly applying to abilities aswell). (SC)