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Friends. I am back! I do apologize for my inactivity, but these two months have been a bit hard on me. I transferred back to EUNE, I had to look out for a friend's pet and a lot of other stuff you don't really care about.

A Simple Question

I'll make this blog short and sweet.

Fan-fictions exist of various champions from the League being in somewhat funny and romantic relationships. Since I plan on studying Human Psychology... wait, this isn't even connected to the subject a full 100%.

Basically, I'm asking you:

Which is your favorite League couple? The couple can be Garen OriginalSquare Garen and Katarina OriginalSquare Katarina (official) or something like the classic Zed OriginalSquare Zed and Syndra OriginalSquare Syndra (unofficial, I don't like this one that much).


As for mine? Welp, I think some of you know that I've been teasing a certain Mark character of mine (I based him off of myself). He has a lovely lady called Mirage.

(Picture of them will be posted soon)

Until next time, cya nerds!


Here are the sketches/drawings. I'd love to hear your thoughts about them in the comments below!

CommanderMarko Mirage Full-Body Sketch

CommanderMarko Mirage Sketch

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