Although late in its time due to the graudual fall and nerfs of the Summoner Spell: Heal (SS: Heal), barrier is still moderately outclassed by SS: Heal due to its ability to keep the effective HP obtained as well as giving a 1second movement speed buff (+ one other teammate), heal said teammate, and nearly grants as much effective survivability as SS: Barrier - barrier being around 27~30% more shielding than the heal.

Problems with barrier= the short protection time - 2seconds, and no persistent effect afterwards (ex: heal keeps you healed). -Solution: Barrier at the right time/ counter: wait for barrier to end.

Problems with heal = countered by grivious wounds. Less effective health(more if inlcuding teammate).

Proposal: Since the only thing barrier is good for is effective health and blocking lethal hits- which can be very hard at times when the enemy saves their last execution spell till your barrier ends- ...

...the player using barrier should be rewarded when they use their shield effectively.

So I suggest, somewhere along the lines of giving bonus movement speed when the barrier's shield is broken before its duration ends. [Perhaps duration of movement buff = [flatnumber] + [duration that was left on the shield when it broke]]

Reason: Whether the player is being chased and about to be killed by an enemy, or the player is chasing an enemy themselves, they can be rewarded for being able to block the damage.

Scenario: Being chased- The bonus movement speed buff from my proposal will allow the one being chased to either make a turn around play, or guarantee their escape- the enemy has the ability themselves to not grant them that movement speed buff by not attacking/breaking the shield.

Scenario: Chasing enemy- being under enemy turret aggro, or making dangerous plays, the movement speed bonus should allow some more aggression and more rewards to the commitment the player will make.

Of course this idea could completely be "op" or "useless", however I would totally appreciate a good discussion here of whether the former or latter.- Tell me what you guys think!