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So as you can probably tell by the title, this blog is asking the wiki what champs make them salty.

I find that most players have certain champs that just piss them off. the ones you are happy to see nerfed, and those you hate to see buffed. the ones you cant help but smile every time a player feeds with them.

the ones you wish rito could just remove.

the sad part is, they cant. no matter how many people hate a certain champ, there will always be people that like them. even if their wasnt, riot had spent years working on that champ to get them how they wanted. removing them at that point would be flushing all that hard work down the drain.

so, if you feel like it, leave a comment down below with the champs you hate seeing on the enemy team, and why they leave you salty. i'm sure you'll get a few people either sharing your hate. others might try and defend the champs you pick, so do try and keep an open mind with them.

(a quick thank you to all that have posted on this blog. i had no clue it it would get this big, and i am glad that all of you are getting a place to vent your rage.)

edit 1: aparently alot of people hate the stack dog. i can completely see that, as going full tank and being able to oneshot people shouldnt be a thing. same goes for hard scaling champs you dont want to keep a champ down the whole game only for them to get some farm and become unstopable.

edit 2: alot of hate for the stabby clown, but even more against riven. while shaco is annoying, he excels at 1v1, while riven can kill an entire team alone. both are annoying, but riven takes the #2 spot for making people salty.

the #3 spot goes to shaco. no matter where you are on the map, he'll stab you. thats just a fact of life. he is designed to piss you off, and be a pain in the ass to fight alone, even more so if his ult's up. plus, with his ult he is a splitpushing nightmare.

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