An Ode To LoL: A contest entry in written verse

One of the League of Legends Wikia Giveway Winners

Poppy BlacksmithLoading
After a long long working day
of doing the things that earn my pay.
I get home and start my comp
to get ready for a quick romp
Of the one game I wish to play
A snore, a chore, a Book, or din
can all wait for that first win
time may fail on my side
I shut my door and try to hide,
I sit down and lift my chin, buckle up and login
Tis' only a moment from when I sign
that my friends see my state "online"
Invites stack like bails of wheat
and I just got here in my seat
But which group should I play? I just need a win today!
I join a group for a quick game
I hope to hell they feel the same
To tank, or cast or fight or troll,
Which champ do I wish to roll?
This group they play much too tame, I know that I must bring the pain
For this task there is only one,
Champ I trust to get it done.
This champ is known for her burst
(Although her farming is the worst,
But, since this Poem is by me, there is no doubt it is Poppy.)
On my team there are four more
Alistar at tank, cries his roar
Burning Brand with flames he sears
The sad Mummy with pouring tears.
With Rifle, traps and ammo tin, at fourth we have Caitlyn.
Our champs selected we have but wait.
It seems the other team is late.
We use this time to make our plan
And claim our lanes the best we can
The game loads up before we know and we're at the well, time to go.
Ali n' I are 'signed to bot
So I buy boots, 2 reds, and a blue pot.
We quickly rush out to our lane
Her charge the first skill that I train
Ali's job s'to spring me free, to run around and be care-ee
We wait, they won't, OH WHAT THE HECK!
Their Yi steps up to come facecheck!!
I charge, Al slams, and when Yi fell
We hit him with an ex-haust spell
Before we could even count to three, It was first blood that fell to me.
The build I have gets real fast
I charge at foes with my shield cast
With Poppy's hammer I smash their head
First one, then two, then three are dead.
I hit the key that makes me run, and let me team then join the fun.
It takes not long to start this rout
and we look to win this short bout
Their trynd cries "Pop so OH PEE!!"
"It's not the char it's just me"
"One vee one me to make it fair", "Tis a team game." I declare.
One by one their tower's fall
With four Kay gold I then recall
For fun I get a bloodthirster
And go back for their inhib eh tor.
"Gee Gee" to all their team wrote, and they pass a surrender vote.
I check the time to see how late
For this team would like two straight
I think "I shouldn't" as I shift
But that last game was much too swift.
It seems Once more that I will drift for another round on. . .
Summoner's Rift.

Asperon Thorn