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  • Asperon Thorn

    One of the League of Legends Wikia Giveway Winners

    After a long long working day
    of doing the things that earn my pay.
    I get home and start my comp
    to get ready for a quick romp
    Of the one game I wish to play
    A snore, a chore, a Book, or din
    can all wait for that first win
    time may fail on my side
    I shut my door and try to hide,
    I sit down and lift my chin, buckle up and login
    Tis' only a moment from when I sign
    that my friends see my state "online"
    Invites stack like bails of wheat
    and I just got here in my seat
    But which group should I play? I just need a win today!
    I join a group for a quick game
    I hope to hell they feel the same
    To tank, or cast or fight or troll,
    Which champ do I wish to roll?
    This group they play much too tame, I know that I must bring …

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  • Asperon Thorn

    Who is Jungling?

    We need a Jungler.

    I call Jungle.

    Why do we Jungle? The Jungle on Summoner's Rift is a very interesting place. It is filled with fantastical monsters, fierce beasts, and savage Undead. With some awareness in the Jungle you can see some Bold Invasions, Heroic Defenses, Cunning Ambushes, Great Escapes, Daring Rescues, and Desperate Counter attacks. The Jungle is an Elaborate Labyrinth in which a wrong turn can lead you to Giant Golems, traps, bipedal lizards, Fire-breathing dragon's, or just into overgrown foliage in which even worse can be hiding. You can find Swords & Sorcery, magical rewards, treasures, death, romance. . .

    But in this arena in which teams are rewarded for their cooperation, these tales of High Adventure are n…

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  • Asperon Thorn

    Somebody needs to ward Baron.

    All MIA stay at base.

    Let me run out there and place a ward.

    These are all things I see in games. None of these things are necessarily bad but when I see these in games it tells me one thing:

    Not enough wards are being used.

    A lot of people have been watching the dreamhack videos, and it is one of those things that the announcers constantly mention "ward count." It's a silly thing just like "Pit Times" in NASCAR, however like the speed of a pit crew it has a very passive aggressive effect in controlling the game. With a properly warded map you can see when the other team is grouped up, when they are split up, if they are trying to set up an ambush, and basically where it is safe to go and when it is safe to just tak…

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  • Asperon Thorn

    First rule of League of Legends: Don't die.

    Second rule of League of Legends: DO NOT DIE.

    At somepoint while following those two rules, destroy the Nexus.

    For any of you that have had an experienced player take you under his wing and give you some advice or teach you about the game those two rules will probably sound very familiar. Dieing is just not good. Dieing a lot, or feeding, is especcially bad. In fact, if you are feeding you probably would have served your team better by just not leaving the well (base) at all. For the most part this is excellent advice to new players who just don't seem to understand the impact of dieing. "eh I will just respawn again in a few seconds," they think to themselves. But they don't realize that with each de…

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  • Asperon Thorn

    "What? A n00b with heal!!" - Queue dodge

    "O gawd, some n00b with heal. Great. Just great. GG right now." - anonymous teamate in champion select.

    Why yes, I do roll with Heal. It is one of the other 10 summoner spells that are not flash, ignite, or exhaust which I find just as useful in a lot of situations. I use it offensively, defensively, and simply to bait opponents. It saves my life and nets me kills. Specifically I use it a lot on Poppy. Poppy already had a passive that reduces the damage she receives, the lower her current HP means the more damage that is effectively negated. By bringing Heal I can ride that passive pretty far as I roam around with a quarter of my max health and an effective reserve tank of another 25% of her max health…

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