I just encountered today 2 accounts who are just bots. I know its old news but I just wanted to explain of how these bots behave.The reason I say they are bots is because A) they have the same name only spelled in different order B) their movements are all auto attacks (i'll explain in detail later). C) talk to them or about them they never respond. I think they do this since its easier to get the skins from referal. Now an explanation about B), The thing is the reason I know about it is because i have a friend who does this in TERA. This would be fine for MMORPG, since you dont have to do anything and just hit monsters to farm and bother no one. but its different in MOBA's like LoL, in that you actually affect others who play . there are only 5 of you in the game and the rest who actually play the game are left to do all the work. not only that, it makes the game longer than it should because only the few can push. Now for how they did it, here is my explanation. You open a LoL account in your first harddrive, You open another account in the second harddrive. play the game. press ALT + tab to switch accounts. have them auto attack at the same time. your not afk anymore. I can explain a lot more methods of botting but that would defeat the purpose of this blog, What do you guys think of botting in AI? Do you support it or againts it? Share your thoughts. P.S. Who would make 2 bot accounts with the same name? I mean seriously. If your going to do it at least cover your tracks or something.