For the IP gain we could either link some tables showing IP gain for any mode and any game time like this or we could use a much smaller table directly on the page, showing the values to be used in the formular.

Maybe we have some better options here I don't know about, like a Javascript calculator (I know more than enough JS to do that, just don't know if that would be a option here).


Formular: [base IP] + ([IP / min] * [gamemode modifier] * [game time in minutes])

Field of Justice Summoners Rift Twisted Treeline Dominion
[IP / min] 2.312 2.312 ?

The game time is always rounded down, meaning a game of 35:59 grants the same amount as a 35:00 minutes game.

Player vs. Player

Classic Normal Custom
Base IP 18 0
Modifier 1 .75

Co-op vs AI


[base IP] = 7

Level <10 10-19 20-29 30
Modifier 1 1 .9 .8


[base IP] = 4

Level <10 10-19 20-29 30
Modifier 1 .85 .7 .55

The outcome of the formular should always match the IP gain ±1.

These values are only for winning games.


I'm aware we couldn't post in on the wikia as it is, but this is all the information I got, collected with the help of Leia and SDMarukokun, also a little help of some other wikia members by posting screenshots on Leia's Blog.

Thanks to all of you.

92garfield 16:21, February 24, 2012 (UTC)