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  • I live in Serbia
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is Physicist
  • I am A Cosmic Entity
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Tesla Effect
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"Hope. Wonder. Insignificance.
Imagine what they'll feel when I complete the stars."
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Dalerem Iro

I am here to help shape the wiki as best as possible alongside other active editors. My expertise lies in years of researching, analyzing, uploading, and editing official Riot media related to their released video games, specifically media related the MOBA game of League of Legends. I am also an active follower, editor, and archivist of the lore related to that game. One of my biggest contributions to the wiki are media and lore based edits, which have greatly enriched the wiki as a whole. If you got any lore or visual media conundrums regarding to League of Legends, I am among the best men for the job in aiding you to better understand both of them.
I'm a League of Legends icon LoL player (though currently more of a Legends of Runeterra icon LoR and Teamfight Tactics icon TFT player) who can do any role (with the right champion of course). My favorite champions are Jayce OriginalSquare Jayce and Viktor OriginalSquare Viktor and my favorite skin is Kassadin CosmicReaverCircle Cosmic Reaver Kassadin.

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Tesla Effect It Was Me! Emote

"You thought it was made by someone else. But it was me, Tesla!"

"In the vast darkness of space are born terrible, beautiful things—Cosmic creatures of sublime love, and the unknowable monstrosities of the Void. These are the children of silent gods, and they are finally coming home." - Kassadin CosmicReaverCircle Dalerem Tesal

Once part of the great harmony of The Pattern, Dalerem would later become a reincarnating mortal trying to find their way in a cruel and unforgiving new reality. Tesal's ultimate goal was to return to the pattern with the experiences they obtained after millennia of wandering. Now part of an order of celestials known as Bastion (beings who found enlightenment during their mortal lives), Tesal intervenes in multiple realities to preserve balance of The Pattern.

The Pattern Unweaved

For as long as the word existed, there was The Pattern, the all encompassing infinity of creation and destruction. Some mortals would call this the omniverse, others God, but the extent of The Pattern is forever unobtainable, even for the children of The Pattern.

The children (known also to some as angels and demons) are parts of the pattern, each unified in the dual collective task of weaving and unweaving new threads into the patterns. However, as the pattern is woven, some threads will inevitably stand out. It is unknown why The Pattern creates these fluctuations. One such fluctuation would become an entity, a being with its own wants and desires. The beings very presence distorted the pattern, creating irregular shapes and spirals. The being itself did not wish harm, but its very presence could cause the unweaving of the entire pattern. Cut out, the thread would fall where existence is, where shape was, where time flowed, creating a new reality.

For what seemed eternity, the thread wandered this new reality, a galaxy made of cosmic matter, stars, and other celestial objects. Its journey would end on one of these small objects, a planet that would later named...Terra.

The Crystaline Stones

Before creation the universe, there were six singularities that came from the thread. Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots, the Crystaline stones. Each stone represented a different aspect of the universe.

  • Reality: The Element of Earth (control matter; create technology; earth affinity)
  • Space: The Element of Water (healing; travel; water affinity)
  • Mind: The Element of Air (control minds; create intelligence; air affinity)
  • Power: The Element of Fire (world forger and destroyer; energy transfer; fire affinity)
  • Time: The Element of Ether (alter time; manipulate possibilities)
  • Soul: The Element of Life (resurrection; unify; key to enlightenment)

Initially, all six were present on Terra. Over time, only the Space stone remained, with small shards of Time and Mind stones.



The Formation

The Schism

The First Renaissance

The Comet

The Awakening

The Solar War

The Second Renaissance

The Odyssey

The Universal Century


Cosmic Bastion Aspects
Targon Crest
Cosmic Bastion Theme  
Aurelion Sol LoginTheme
Kassadin CosmicReaverCircle

All Cosmic weaver forms of Bastion Aspects.

Kassadin CosmicReaverCircle Ashe CosmicQueenCircle Xin Zhao CosmicDefenderCircle Shadow Assassin OdysseyCircle Sona OdysseyCircle Rakan CosmicDawnCircle Soraka DawnbringerCircle Xayah CosmicDuskCircle Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Zed GalaxySlayerCircle Lux CosmicCircle Lulu CosmicEnchantressCircle Kayle OriginalCircle Master Yi CosmicBladeCircle Malphite PrestigeDarkStarCircle Jhin DarkCosmicCircle

  • Dalerem Tesal (Cosmica)
  • Parel Adina (Cosmica)
  • Byru Jintemu (Cosmica)
  • Tazop Dardwe (Cosmica)
  • Emanaquari Mari (Cosmica)
  • Netgar Xela & Stamethy Sakai (Cosmica)
  • Mondiad Kara (Entropia)
  • Dalerem Iro (Cosmica)
  • Lisutegi Kubali (Cosmica)
  • Sahirappe Minjasa (Cosmica)
  • Palo Danja (with Dalerem Iro; Cosmica)

  • Jerpas Rasa (Cosmica)
  • Liancarne Zane (Cosmica)
  • Dotperi Tedan (Cosmica)
  • Qurouseti Heimhoen (Cosmica)

Void Bastion Aspects
Void Crest
Void Bastion Theme  
DarkStar2017 LoginTheme
Jarvan IV DarkStarCircle

All Void unweaver forms of Bastion Aspects.

Jarvan IV DarkStarCircle Karma DarkStarCircle Mordekaiser DarkStarCircle Rhaast OdysseyCircle Orianna DarkStarCircle Thresh DarkStarCircle Soraka NightbringerCircle Varus DarkStarCircle Cho'Gath DarkStarCircle Xerath DarkStarCircle Lux DarkCosmicCircle Shaco DarkStarCircle Zyra WildfireCircle Kha'Zix DarkStarCircle Malphite DarkStarCircle Jhin DarkCosmicCircle

  • Dalerem Tesal (Entropia)
  • Parel Adina (Entropia)
  • Byru Jintemu (Entropia)
  • Tazop Dardwe (Entropia)
  • Emanaquari Mari (Entropia)
  • Netgar Xela (Entropia)
  • Mondiad Kara (Entropia)
  • Stamethy Sakai (Entropia)
  • Dalerem Iro (Entropia)
  • Lisutegi Kubali (Entropia)
  • Sahirappe Minjasa (Entropia)
  • Palo Danja (Entropia)
  • Jerpas Rasa (Entropia)
  • Liancarne Zane (Entropia)
  • Dotperi Tedan (Entropia)
  • Qurouseti Heimhoen (Entropia)

Terrestrial Characters
Piltover Crest
Terrestrial Theme  
AshePROJECT LoginTheme
Jayce DebonairCircle

The main characters of the Arcadia series.

Jayce DebonairCircle Karma SakuraCircle Sylas LunarWraithCircle Vladimir DarkWatersCircle Ahri OriginalCircle Sett OriginalCircle Soraka StarGuardianCircle Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Ezreal PulsefireCircle Yasuo OdysseyCircle Lux BattleAcademiaCircle Miss Fortune GunGoddessCircle Kayle AetherWingCircle Twisted Fate PulsefireCircle Graves JailbreakCircle Jhin BloodMoonCircle

  • Dalerem Tesal (Pre-Comet)
  • Dalerem Tesal (Bastion Corp)
  • Dalerem Tesal (Solar War)
  • Dalerem Tesal (Draconic Form)
  • Parel Adina (Pre-Comet)
  • Parel Adina (Post-Prescience)
  • Parel Adina (Solar War)
  • Parel Adina (Draconic Form)
  • Byru Jintemu (Pre-Comet)
  • Byru Jintemu (Bastion Corp)
  • Byru Jintemu (Solar War)
  • Byru Jintemu (Draconic Form)
  • Tazop Dardwe (Pre-Comet)
  • Tazop Dardwe (Elvenan Court)
  • Tazop Dardwe (Solar War)
  • Tazop Dardwe (Draconic Form)
  • Emanaquari Mari (Pre-Comet)
  • Emanaquari Mari (KDA Band)
  • Emanaquari Mari (Solar War)
  • Emanaquari Mari (Draconic Form)
  • Netgar Xela (Odyssey)
  • Netgar Xela (Universal Century)
  • Mondiad Kara (Odyssey)
  • Mondiad Kara (Griffin Form)
  • Mondiad Kara (Universal Century)
  • Stamethy Sakai (Odyssey)
  • Stamethy Sakai (Universal Century)
  • Dalerem Iro (Creation)
  • Dalerem Iro (Post-Comet)
  • Dalerem Iro (Solar War)
  • Dalerem Iro (Odyssey & Universal Century)
  • Lisutegi Kubali (Odyssey)
  • Lisutegi Kubali (Universal Century)
  • Sahirappe Minjasa (Odyssey)
  • Sahirappe Minjasa (Universal Century)
  • Palo Danja (Odyssey)
  • Palo Danja (Universal Century)
  • Jerpas Rasa (Odyssey)
  • Jerpas Rasa (Universal Century)
  • Liancarne Zane (Odyssey)
  • Liancarne Zane (Chronos War)
  • Liancarne Zane (Universal Century)
  • Dotperi Tedan (Odyssey)
  • Dotperi Tedan (Chronos War)
  • Dotperi Tedan (Universal Century)
  • Qurouseti Heimhoen (Creation)
  • Qurouseti Heimhoen (Solar War)
  • Qurouseti Heimhoen (Odyssey)
  • Qurouseti Heimhoen (Universal Century)

Dalerem Light Bringers
Ionia Crest
Dalerem Theme  
Opening Ceremony - Worlds 2015 - Berlin
Yasuo NightbringerCircle

Every reincarnation of Dalerem and those that wielded the spark that was passed down.

Yasuo NightbringerCircle Kindred ShadowfireCircle Brand ArclightCircle Yorick ArclightCircle Karma SunGoddessCircle Pantheon OriginalCircle Shen WarlordCircle Taliyah OriginalCircle Quinn WoadScoutCircle Graves BattleProfessorCircle Jayce DebonairCircle Yasuo OdysseyCircle Sett OriginalCircle Miss Fortune GunGoddessCircle Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Twisted Fate PulsefireCircle Ezreal PulsefireCircle Jarvan IV DarkStarCircle Kassadin CosmicReaverCircle

  • Dalerem Fercilu
  • Dalerem Roku
  • Dalerem Heimhoen
  • Dalerem Monddes
  • Dalerem Makra
  • Dalerem Uretas
  • Dalrem Ummij
  • Dalerem Yahlita
  • Dalerem Nadu
  • Dalerem Miborulj
  • Dalerem Tesal
  • Dalerem Kubali
  • Dalerem Xela
  • Dalerem Danja
  • Dalerem Sakai
  • Dalerem Zane
  • Dalerem Iro
  • Dalerem Entropia
  • Dalerem Cosmica

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