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Tilt Types The Scarred Veteran Tesla icon.png Tesla Effect Tilt Types The Scarred Veteran Tesla icon.png

   "Hope. Wonder. Insignificance.
Imagine what they'll feel when I complete the stars."
- Dalerem Cosmica Dalerem Cosmica

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Personal Projects
Greetings, my name is Tesla Effect. I am here to help shape the wiki as best as possible alongside other active editors. My expertise lies in years of researching, analyzing, uploading, and editing official Riot media related to their released video games, specifically media related the MOBA game of League of Legends. I am also an active follower, editor, and archivist of the lore related to the Runeterra series. One of my biggest contributions to the wiki are media and lore based edits, which have greatly enriched the wiki as a whole. If you got any lore or visual media conundrums regarding to League of Legends, I am among the best men for the job in aiding you to better understand both of them.

I have been a League of Legends icon.png LoL player since Season 3 (currently more of a Legends of Runeterra icon.png LoR and Teamfight Tactics icon.png TFT player) and I am able to play any role (with the right champion of course). My favorite champions are Jayce Jayce and Viktor Viktor and my favorite skin is Cosmic Reaver Kassadin Cosmic Reaver Kassadin.
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