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Ruwbz Wildspire Background.jpg

Ruwbz White Logo.png Ruwbz Ruwbz White Logo.png

"Your emperor has arrived!"

Ruwbz Kulu Azir OriginalSkin.jpg

Hello, my name is Ruwbz. I'm an active editor on the LoL wiki, but I particularly focus on the Lore of Runeterra. I also occasionaly make small quality of life Templates that make my work and those of my fellow editors easier.

As a professional software engineer, I have dabbled in different kinds of programming languages (C#, Java, Javascirpt (Typescript), Python, SQL, Oracle, PHP (to some extent), C++ and most recently Lua).

I have been playing League of Legends icon.png League of Legends since the summer of Season 3. I also play some other games that are unrelated to Riot Games: Monster Hunter World, Zelda series, Smash Bros, etc.

Ruwbz White Logo.png Favorite Champions

I mostly play Middle icon.png Mid, Top icon.png Top or Support icon.png Support. When I'm playing with my friends, I sometimes flex to a Bottom icon.png Bottom role. The Jungle icon.png Jungle role, however, I avoid like the plague.

Rank Top icon.png Top Middle icon.png Mid Bottom icon.png Bottom Support icon.png Support
#1 Gnar Gnar Yasuo Yasuo Caitlyn Caitlyn Thresh Thresh
#2 Jayce Jayce Zed Zed Vayne Vayne Nami Nami
#3 Quinn Quinn Kassadin Kassadin Kalista Kalista Taric Taric

Ruwbz White Logo.png Worthy Editors of Shurima

  • Chill Lord Inky: The Shuriman headpriest of everything chill.
  • Bot Lord Ninja: The greatest master of hextech on the whole Shuriman continent.
  • Night Watcher: A master spy that watches the night for any Noxian trespassers.
  • Beesafree: A professor known for works such as "The Unprecedented Height of Skallashi".
  • LordRedStone: A miner in search of some rare hextech crystals, Redstone.

Ruwbz White Logo.png The Fallen

To those who have fallen during the battle of Void Crest icon.png Icathia, you will be remembered forever:

  • Cosmic Lord Tesla: A strict but benevolent overlord and my greatest mentor.