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This is a page listing down some of the author's ideas with the existing in-game features and the League Client Update.


  • In-game settings can now be tweaked in the client
  • Language settings can now be changed in the client

Personal profile

  • Splash arts are available as background images for the profile and can be changed anytime
    • The default background will be the players' recently-played or most-played champions
    • Backgrounds can be obtained by owning the champion and/or the skin
  • A new stats tab at the players' profile. Information in this tab are displayed publicly and they can compare their stats with their friends and other people
    • Will display the player's MMR for solo, team and ranked
    • A radar chart will display the player's performance on his/her champion

Champion mastery

  • Level cap is increased from 7 to 10
  • Revamped level 6-10
    • Now requires one mastery token of a champion + X champion essence or a permanent shard of the same champion
  • Now has its own tab on the profile where people can publicly see the players' champions with the most mastery points, their levels and the title associated. Grades from the last 5 games will also be publicly displayed
  • Personalization options for the champion mastery tab on the profile
    • The ability to re-arrange a player's top champions to his/her liking
    • The ability to change the title of a level 10 champion to the player's liking
  • Revamped rewards system
    • Levels 1-5: Role title
    • Levels 6-9: Role title, mastery emote
    • Level 10: Role title, mastery emote, champion square as a summoner icon and title changes
  • Champion mastery role titles redone
Level Assassin Fighter Mage Marksman Support Tank
1 Vagabond Recruit Initiate Tracker Novice Grunt
2 Thug Brawler Spellcaster Stalker Apprentice Mercenary
3 Prowler Gladiator Enchanter Scout Aide Soldier
4 Rogue Veteran Conjurer Strider Healer Officer
5 Cutthroat Knight Wizard Hunter Priest Enforcer
6 Assailant Warrior Invoker Sharpshooter Cleric Guard
7 Executioner Warlord Sorcerer Ranger Keeper Bulwark
8 Headhunter Destroyer Magus Sniper Protector Paladin
9 Reaper Champion Warlock Deadeye Guardian Juggernaut
10 Slayer Conqueror Archmage Pathfinder Sentinel Colossus

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