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The League of Legends Wiki and myself


I am mostly inactive at the moment but still willing to help when need be. You can find me regularly on reddit as u/NeonSpotlight. I joined the Wiki on the 31st of December, 2010. I was promoted to moderator on March 15th, administrator on March 31st and bureaucrat on July 6th of 2011. I stepped down as bureaucrat on April 6th of 2014 and stepped back up a month later on May 1st.

Editing skills

I'll be the first to admit my actual knowledge of coding and overall wiki things isn't the best but I make do with what I have and am always working on improving. I think my lack of knowledge on what a wiki is and "how it should be run" made me a great admin. I'm not afraid of pushing boundaries and straying from conventional traditions.

I specialize in mass editing, stylizing, communicating, and fine details. I'm much more comfortable editing something already made than creating something from the ground up.


My bot NeonSpotlight BotAvatar Neon's Toy

I feel some of my most important contributions are in the comment sections of champions helping other users. In addition to that some of the things I've done include:

League of Legends

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My Summoner name is NeonSpotlight, and I have been playing on the NA servers since Febuary of 2010. You'll mostly find me playing ARAMs and the featured game modes (rip Dominion) as I prefer the lower stress environment these modes offer. I placed Bronze in Season 1, Gold in Seasons 2 and 3, dropped to Silver in Season 4, and finished Plat in Season 7.

I am a support main through and through, even when I'm playing other lanes I usually pick utility champs and let the other members of my team shine.

Favorite champions

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