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Heya, I am MurderIsArt! :)

Summoner Name: MurderIsArt

Fav Roles: Adc, Support :3

Fav Champs: Jhin, Rakan, Brand and Yorick

4 Fav Skins: Project: Jhin, Pool Party Taric, PENTAKILL Yorick, Battle Boss Brand

Fav games: Undertale, Subnautica and Assasin's Creed IV: Black Flag (All of these after League :3)

Fav movie: Baby Driver (2017)

Fav Anime: Death Note, One Punch Man, and Attack On Titan.

Hated Song: Shape of you

Hated [League Of Legends] Champion: Darius (I know.. quite Clichè but.. for a reason xD)

Skins I'd love to be added: Deffinetely Not Jhin, Tango Rakan (and Xayah) and Project: Shen

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