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Hi! I'm Lunx. o/
A friend used to call Lux that way. I laughed at his inability to say her name, joyfully claiming his version later on.
Being mainly a bot lane player, I like skillshot ADCs, as well as mage supports, due to their poking nature. I met League of Legends in 2012, but found it too hard a game to play back then. In the beginning of 2015, I decided to give it another go and that's when I first met Nami and fell in love with her. I've been playing the game regularly since.
I take phoned pizza orders for a living. While I'm idle, I venture through the web to keep my mind fed. Lately I've been reading some great articles here.
Hobbies: Writing; Singing; Photoshop & Indesign; Chess; Video editing; League of Legends (really?).
Life Goals: Learn how to code stuff; Record the orchestral masterpieces that have been haunting my soul for years; Make beautiful boxes out of wood; Get rid of the awful curse that makes my home look like there's been a hurricane inside.

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  • Mount Targon • This article has a deep insight on the local culture and details of the place, as well as some of the greatest artwork I've ever seen.
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