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As they are, elixirs are the last priority, even after boot enchantments. Occasional pickups of the Wrath and Sorcery elixirs before full builds occur as the game nears its earlier end. The following changes are meant to advocate possible purchases of elixirs as powerup tools in more situations.

All elixirs have two components now: personal stat buff amd teamwide buff. The duration can be extended if the elixir fullfills its purpose. Overall elixirs are the answer to question "how do we comeback/how do we close the game".

Elixir of Iron item Elixir of Iron - "Follow my lead"
  • +250 health
  • +25% increased size, Tenacity and Slow Resistance
  • Path of Iron: Moving leaves a path behind that boosts movement speed of allies by 15%.
  • 2 minute duration, +1 minute whenever you die, +30 seconds whenever a nearby ally dies.
As the tank, your job is to make sure that nobody in your team dies before you do. In the event you fall, the elixir extends its duration.
Elixir of Ruin item Elixir of Ruin - "Let's take down some towers"
  • +10 armor and magic penetration
  • +10% movement speed out of combat
  • Siege Commander: Nearby allies deal 15% more damage to towers.
  • 2 minute duration, +1 minute whenever your team destroys a turret, +30 seconds whenever your team destroys an inhibitor.
Suitable for both solo split pushing and team-coorditaned pushes. The MS buff for minions is moved to Elixir of Iron.
Elixir of Sorcery item Elixir of Sorcery - "Let's defend that siege"
  • +15% cooldown reduction
  • +15% damage to minions
  • Serenity: Nearby allies have their mana costs reduced by 15% and regenerate 1% of their missing health per second.
  • 2 minute duration, +1 minute whenever an allied turret is destroyed, +30 seconds whenever an allied inhibitor is destroyed.
This one is about providing your team with resource control. Should be especially useful when you lose control over the blue buff. Overall meant for defending teams.
Elixir of Wrath item Elixir of Wrath - "Let's kill them all"
  • +25 attack damage
  • +40 ability power
  • Bloodlust: Falling below 50% health grants nearby allies 10% lifesteal and spellvamp until out of combat.
  • 2 minute duration, +1 minute whenever you score a kill, *30 seconds whenenver you score an assist.
Good when defending the base and overall a "turnaround" tool.
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