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Hey there. I work on champion ability templates and champion voice overs as well as some other stuff like game mechanics. I'm usually on the Discord but feel free to post a comment on my wall if you need anything.



Ability scaling

  • Attack damage icon.png Attack damage
  • Ability power icon.png Ability power
  • Attack speed icon.png Attack speed
  • Armor icon.png Armor
  • Magic resistance icon.png Magic resistance
  • Cooldown reduction icon.png Cooldown reduction
  • Movement speed icon.png Movement speed
  • Critical strike chance icon.png Critical strike chance
  • Health icon.png Health
  • Mana icon.png Mana
  • Energy icon.png Energy
  • Health regeneration icon.png Health regeneration
  • Mana regeneration icon.png Mana regeneration
  • Armor penetration icon.png Armor penetration
  • Magic penetration icon.png Magic penetration
  • Armor penetration icon.png Lethality
  • Range icon.png Attack range
  • Tenacity icon.png Tenacity
  • Attack damage.png Physical damage​​​​
  • Magic damage.png Magic damage​​​​
  • Hybrid penetration.png True damage​​​​

List of Crowd Control

Non-status interrupts


List of Immunities